The Hondas I Don’t Like

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “opinions are like…”, well, if you haven’t heard it, it means that everyone has an opinion. In this video I share my opinions on my least favorite Hondas and why. I’m sorry if you have one of these vehicles. Please know that it’s not you that I don’t like, just your car. No biggie. We can still be friends.

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  1. Captain Texas

    Captain Texas

    28 days ago

    It is pretty funny how agile my 01 CR-V vs my 13’ LX civic. I’m sure that Double Wishbone could make almost any chassis feel sporty.

  2. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi

    Month ago

    I agree with the RSX Though they are good cars they took away the double wishbone suspension which is what made the civic/Integra so special

  3. Frank. l

    Frank. l

    Month ago

    I had 95' Acura GSR 2dr, double wish bone suspension. Incredible machine! I traded for 13' Honda accord v6 6speed manual. The power difference was obovious. But did handle like the Acura !

  4. Raising Caper

    Raising Caper

    Month ago

    But Eric, have you taken an s2000 to the local autocross? I promise you you’d have a different perspective.

  5. Ryan Christensen

    Ryan Christensen

    Month ago

    No hate for the 99 through 2006 or so Odyssey? Every time I see one of those it needs a transmission. Would love your take.

  6. Alicia N

    Alicia N

    Month ago

    I am a Honda Del Sol Lover. I’ve owned then S2000. It was a coffin. No leg room. Nothing like a Del Sol. Hide a Body in the trunk! No rips on them tops found on S2000.

  7. V Vendetta

    V Vendetta

    Month ago

    98-2001 CRV favorite vehicle...comfortable, practical, mech's tell me fairly easy to work on. Your thoughts?

  8. Whateva


    Month ago

    I had an 86 SE prelude,fuel injection. Ran perfect up to 450ish thousand kms. I currently have a 92 Civic si hatch with a toasted motor at 462 thousand,a 2001 Prelude,5 speed,leather interior and a 14 civic coupe 5 speed. My wife has a nice 05 TL to round out my Honda collection 😎

  9. william server

    william server

    Month ago

    I think the 90s era hondas looked the best but I'm not a mechanic so I have no clue if they were as reliable. My 92 5 cylinder vigor had 280k on it when I traded it in and it still ran

  10. American Betta

    American Betta

    Month ago

    I had both Acura RSX, and Integra RS, and GS-R. And I tend to agree, the Integra steering is just superior than the RSX. I am sure that it has to do with the front suspension. K-series motor is better than B-series engine, though. Regretting getting rid of the GSR every day. Good luck finding a clean manual Integra that is not priced ridiculously high, never mind the type-R.

  11. Banh Bao

    Banh Bao

    Month ago

    I have had 5 Honda's a 83 Prelude, a 97 accord lx coupe with 5 speed. 2014 Accord sport and 2003 Odyssey

  12. Banh Bao

    Banh Bao

    Month ago

    My sister has a 2003 TL with over 200k, trans has gone out twice but for the most part it still runs great

  13. julifer9211


    Month ago

    👏👏👏👍🔥🔥 You got it right I sold mine... S2000 it was soooo slow.

  14. 780lude


    Month ago

    I never knew you owned a prelude back then and im happy to know that you did! I own a 1998 prelude and love the h22. If you ever get your hands on a prelude and start to do some work on it, that would be awesome! We need more prelude content out there on youtube

  15. Pedro Lopez

    Pedro Lopez

    Month ago

    what do you think of the 07-08 Acura TL Type-S?

  16. Craigie F Concert

    Craigie F Concert

    2 months ago

    They can take away your integra but they can’t take away your integrity.

  17. nyyankees4296


    2 months ago

    The ‘03 TL has a special place in my heart haha but I understand the opinion. I had to replace the transmission at 144k at a cost of 4000

  18. White Knight

    White Knight

    2 months ago

    I own a 1996 2dr. Honda si 5 sp it was an awesome car. Handled great, good on gas just an absolute blast to drive.

  19. gorutra


    2 months ago

    2000 TL 3.2 here. Dealer changed recalled transmission in 07’. Still going strong 💪🏼

  20. Lesrevesdhiver


    2 months ago

    My brother had a 1999 TL and he never complained about problems with it. Not to say he never had any. He gave that car to his son, the car was still in pretty amazing shape. I guess it threw a rod or cracked a piston at some point, I have to assume his son drove the heck out of it.

  21. Jet Fire

    Jet Fire

    2 months ago

    pop pop pop pop pop up up and down headlights!

  22. Stilton Gruyère

    Stilton Gruyère

    2 months ago

    I preferred when Acura models had proper names instead of just letters.

  23. Rabids Minions

    Rabids Minions

    2 months ago

    Agree with the 90's Hondas. What abouth the mid 90's civics?

  24. Nick 631

    Nick 631

    2 months ago

    Hey Eric, what's your thoughts on the new Acura Integra coming in spring of 2022, seems like they are doing a great job of keeping it under wraps. Do you think it will be as fun to drive as the original and keep the same DNA so to speak?

    • Nick 631

      Nick 631

      2 months ago

      Yeah, I feel as though it won't be as aggressive as the Civic Type R, I dont see it making sense for Honda to create a vehicle to compete with another within the brand. Maybe along the same lines as the Civic SI?

    • ETCG1


      2 months ago

      I hope I get the chance to find out.

  25. Bob Crawford

    Bob Crawford

    2 months ago

    A year after my prior question I'm watching this video again and have decided I would consult you before I ever buy a Honda. My very first car was almost a Honda Accord way back when they first started selling them. If I buy a Honda at some point in the future it would most likely be a CRV or Pathfinder.

  26. Rod Castaneda

    Rod Castaneda

    3 months ago

    I Don't like exactly the same cars you don't like man! I agree 💯!

  27. Psalm 119:37

    Psalm 119:37

    4 months ago

    I agree. Preludes and Integras had product history for decades, and S2000 has driven away the loyal customers. The "Longitudinaly mounted FF mid-ship layout" for Vigor, TL (of Accord Inspire in Japanese market), and Legend was a good brand differentiator for Acura, by giving a proper side profile as a luxury marque; except for the NSX and Integra that were stand-alone model segment when Acura brand was introduced in the late 80's and early 90's. These areas got altered in their product development strategies.

  28. TAP001


    4 months ago

    My first Honda was an Accord just exactly like that one. What a blast from the past.

  29. The Next Hobby

    The Next Hobby

    4 months ago

    I've always wanted a 6-sp Legend (sedan not coupe, but we could talk). Nearly bought a few but they were always a little too old and a little too beat up and now that window is like with your now-gone Vigor: a little too late. CRX Si, anyone? Will we ever again see a legit 2-seater with sport capability that's not a sports car but can get the groceries?? Yes we had a '79 Accord. And for a while I owned an '84 Prelude, great handling car. I once test drove a last-gen Prelude and ... blah.

  30. Muse Inglis

    Muse Inglis

    4 months ago

    2001 Prelude SiR S-Spec (JDM)! 220HP red top, NO ATTS!

  31. Integr8


    4 months ago

    ... I was pretty T'd off that we got the RSX in place of and taken our Integra's away. Major downgrade in "drivers car" but we both know why it happened... BTW really enjoyed your replication of the TL'S horn lol 🤣 Oops excuse me to post on an old vid but just came across my board

  32. Adam B

    Adam B

    4 months ago

    I bought an RSX in the same color just recently lol I call it "The Integra no one asked for."

  33. piano47


    5 months ago

    I only know I love my 1998 CRV...and thanks to your video on changing the timing belt I have done it 2x's so far with 300,000+ miles on it. Best damn go-cart Honda ever made!!!!

  34. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith

    5 months ago

    Sold my 2000 prelude in 2016 and still look for it everywhere I go now. I'm afraid of what it may look like or what's happened to it. Oh yeah, I'm in ohio. So theres that.

  35. MaddRich Staks

    MaddRich Staks

    5 months ago

    Love that ##i would still have that car if I wasn't broke and needed to buy food## lmol..that's my motto

  36. Mike Fu

    Mike Fu

    5 months ago

    Honda was VERY overrated to me!! 50% of my calls were broke down hondas......electrical problems, No-starts, constant dead batteries, just constant electrical gremlins or "stall-out" conditions....Even their motorcycles are cheaply made compared to Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha and Harley!!

  37. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi

    5 months ago

    The TL Type S from 07 to 08 those were good cars gave people hope that Honda still had it

  38. Buff Barnaby

    Buff Barnaby

    5 months ago

    S2000 was slow for all the TQ.

  39. Henry Lee

    Henry Lee

    5 months ago

    IAM HAVING PROBLEMS WITH MY 2005 ODYSSEY. PREMATURE OIL BURNING AND HAD TO HAVE MY TRANSMISSION REBUILT BECAUSE TORQUE CONVERTER AND CLUTCHES. My nigh mare started at 123 Kmiles. What is your experience with 2005 J35A7 series odysseys i-vtec with VCM engines? Appreciate your input.

  40. Muppet Morales

    Muppet Morales

    5 months ago

    I loved my 94 prelude, girls car nothing..... I loved the dash in that thing along with the original taillights. Ricers would swap out the lights (usually for the altezza aftermarket one) and I'd be pissed. Had the dreaded 2nd gen tl a 99 To be exact and I was one of the lucky ones who didnt have that transmission problem. Had ever other issue under the sun at the end of its life though. Upgraded to a 3rd gen 06 tl in cbp and I've never loved a car more and I've tried I would have died with that car in my possession but got rear-ended parked and a traffic light and was written off. Tired Lexus and got a gs350 but got bored with it as its geared towards older retirees went back and got a tl-s and it was great until I had my 3rd child then I had to switch from cars at that point and got a 2 gen mdx and it's been great got the wifey a rdx and we re good to go. Any got any thoughts on the zdx? I want one bad but they're rarer than unicorn shit. Anyone own one and can say what they think?

  41. AngryD


    5 months ago

    My 03 TL-S has 253000 miles and is on its 4th transmission. Rotors warp almost instantly no matter what brand you install. But Fuck I love that car so much. It's fast and handles so well. I have swerved around so much shit with that car and it takes it like a Benz

  42. Gabriel Gorena

    Gabriel Gorena

    5 months ago

    Yes I just bought a 2000 acura TL, but I've become accustomed to these quirks. $900 ain't so bad.

    • Toad Phillips

      Toad Phillips

      Month ago

      I have a 99 TL, I've owned it for 7yrs and never had to do a major repair yet. Supposedly the 99 models have better trans than the 00 models.

  43. Michael B

    Michael B

    6 months ago

    I can't wait until a Beat comes to your garage ! lol

  44. Paul V

    Paul V

    6 months ago

    I miss the old Honda’s also, another one they trashed which to me was awesome bc it was so small was the CRX. You can’t find many of them today and used to you could grab one $1k-2k all day but now if you can find one they want $10-17k.

  45. Dave Mawson

    Dave Mawson

    6 months ago

    Don't like s2000 unsub lol jk

  46. Kris Cellers

    Kris Cellers

    6 months ago

    I’m so glad you didn’t say the 8th gen Si models. Them k series engines are insane.

  47. Jap Joe m

    Jap Joe m

    6 months ago

    Got an ap1 with 250k,still runs great

  48. GingerSquatch


    6 months ago

    Hey Eric, what do you think about a 97 Civic Coupe with the D16Y7 Y8 head swap, all forged internals, turbo and supporting parts???

  49. IllaWondah


    6 months ago

    The integra is the best honda hands down.. Be it type r v tec or none v tec. Alot of potential for a small price.

  50. meldco dk

    meldco dk

    6 months ago

    I had a Honda EK3 civic 1999 manuel loved racing it when it was 20 years old it still drived like new, it could drive 160km/t sidewayes, now I have a honda jazz a bit boring.

  51. NoThanks OnH.W.

    NoThanks OnH.W.

    6 months ago

    I know that Honda Odyssey is a pretty good car and it is very well equipped and even some people think it is so cool that the doors are automatic But I truly despise the look of that car, I don’t mind minivans, but in my opinion it is one of the ugliest cars in existence

  52. K* STAR

    K* STAR

    6 months ago

    98-02 Honda Accord EX-L Coup 4 cyl manual. Best car I've ever had. Super, super reliable. I had 350,000 miles on mine when I sold it and it still had the factory clutch. The V6s had the same problems as the 99-03 TL with the automatic trans.

  53. Joseph Rolf

    Joseph Rolf

    6 months ago

    My favorite honda is my CD5 95 Accord sedan. It's beautiful. I just got done rebuilding the whole motor at school I go to school for auto tech because of a Honda I got last year. I found my passion in life and it's crazy because I've don't so many things and have went through so many phases and hobbies but they never stuck I got bored. But now I know what my career is. I love it. Anyways so stock f22b2 replaced main bearings and connecting rod bearings put new piston rings and replaced all the gaskets. We just stabbed the transmission in today so tomorrow since I got all my fluids from the honda dealership I should be up and running. So yeah the CD5 is hands down my favorite honda.

  54. Joseph Rolf

    Joseph Rolf

    6 months ago

    Omg like foreal I'm not a fan of the S2K either and hate miatas honestly. They are chicks cars. I did a gas tank on the 2000 Acura tl last Saturday come to find out had to drop the whole rear subframe and suspension just to get to the dang thing to pull it out. It's sandwiched between the body and the subframe like who thought that was a good idea? 🤔🧐

  55. AcuraLvR 82

    AcuraLvR 82

    6 months ago

    I personally enjoy my 2006 rsx type s but can understand your viewpoint. Also 5th gen prelude was crappiest prelude imo.

  56. Kyle Ling

    Kyle Ling

    6 months ago

    The only honda still thinking of buying is the 2007 Accord Euro , AKA Acura TSX in the North America

  57. Jay Pierce

    Jay Pierce

    6 months ago

    I like my 99 acura cl 3.0. And my 95 Honda accord v6 2.7. I hope they last me along time. Wish I could find parts for my Honda accord tho

  58. Neptuned


    6 months ago

    This man just put it down folks. I dare anyone to say that he's wrong. Honda/Acura died in 2001. The RSX is absolute junk and I wouldn't give more than $1K for a Type-S and that's just so I could pull the motor and trash the chassis. I've had a 93' Cobra #1682 Vibrant Red (Around 430ish HP 331) still have my Dad's bought new 91' Red on grey 5-Speed Mustang GT, Had a GSX Eclipse etc etc etc.. However no car in my entire 32 years of life has me like my 99' GSR Integra. I'll Touge the car in the mountains of TN at 3am at night and hang harsh off camber corners next to rock ledges at 90 MPH in this thing and all it ever says "Give me more.. more..MORE!!" I'm telling you I've driven them ALL when it comes to sports cars but their nothing better than a good sorted 90's Honda/Acura. Believe that. These cars are already legends but they will become legendary.. So, be good to them, because eventually the ricer kids will kill them off one by one.

  59. ecmjr


    7 months ago

    LOL!!! Thoroughly laughed and enjoyed :) I liked the Legend and the Vigor.

  60. Questioner


    7 months ago

    I have a love/hate relationship with 98-02 Accords (I've owned 5). Love: -4 cylinder 5 speed is fuel efficient and fun to drive, partly thanks to VTEC. -Reasonably quiet. -Double wishbone front and independent rear handles well. Hate: -V6s were automatic only, and transmissions often fail. -V6s use a lot of gas. -6 disc in dash changer does not like the cold. -That nice suspension needs maintenance or everything rattles over bumps. -Wagons were discontinued. -The seats are designed for wider people, so I pingpong between bolsters in corners.

  61. CuttinInIdaho


    7 months ago

    I worked for bout all new Honda AC units are cheap AF? I could go on...

  62. CallMeZucc


    7 months ago

    I own a 2003 Acura TL Type-S A-Spec. The previous owner had already replaced the transmission which was good for me. I love the car, and I've been lucky with some of the issues you were mentioning about it. It's still running strong in 2021 with 320,000 km's.

  63. mbsnyderc


    7 months ago

    The problem with The S2000 is the car doesn't ever equal the price tag.but nether does the NSX the new one might actually be worth the price,but It's not the car NSX owner's wanted.

  64. Vic Marstro

    Vic Marstro

    7 months ago

    Have a 1998 rl 3.5 changed starter now ignition lock switch still not starting

  65. William Garity

    William Garity

    7 months ago

    S2000 is a Miata with twice the horsepower and better handling. I bought my 2001 S2 brand new and it is still my daily driver. Nose is long cuz it has a "mid engine".

  66. PistonShack


    8 months ago

    I like your channel! I have first generation Honda Cr-v as my project!

  67. Henry G

    Henry G

    8 months ago

    I really didn’t like when they came out with the rsx and got rid of the integra. That was a big mistake.... also dropping the del sol, and the prelude. I have 2 preludes now and it sucks that they got rid of them. But I still love the s2k. The only rwd affordable sports car.

  68. Jordi Babbel

    Jordi Babbel

    8 months ago

    I had a 2003 Acura TL Type S, bought it certified with 30k and was only 3 years old. Drove it 30 miles from the dealership to home and 30 miles back to the dealership...where they replaced my AT. As for the trim and other little things...well you are spot on about that car!

  69. GreenBeats11


    8 months ago

    I also like the Prelude (owned a '99). However, the '94 Prelude VTEC (I assume this because Eric said it was an H22) had 153 lbft of peak torque @ 5800 rpm. The '04 S2000 had 163 lbft @ 6800 rpm. They had equal displacements with 2157 cc. Looking at the S2000 torque curve, it looks to be making at least as much torque @ 5800 rpm or more than the Prelude. The S2000 weighs about 20 lb more than the Prelude (negligible). The S2000 makes a whopping (237-187 =) 50 more peak horsepower. The S2000 should have felt faster in every regard, and is RWD to boot.

  70. Vic Investa

    Vic Investa

    8 months ago

    You are absolutely right. It felt like Honda lost it in 21st century. It has been downhill from there. They started to mimic of Toyota. Big mistake.

  71. Faggot Rotten

    Faggot Rotten

    9 months ago

    The biggest flaw with Honda As to why I stopped being a customer They don't have rwd 6 speed coupes/sedans 4 or 6 cylinder options Macpherson and wishbone combos on a 4 link rear ends

  72. ADVISE AND MORE Cars and More

    ADVISE AND MORE Cars and More

    9 months ago

    I'm in the process of having to rebuild 2008 accord 3.5 heads I should have researched the VCM engine before hand its very time consuming I thought it was going to be like the regular honda v6 vtec... Now I have something to say I will never forget the VCM cylinder heads take hours to rebuild unlike the standard v6 engines. I had catastrophic failure of the engine block so I got a used engine from a recycler with brocken timing belt bent valves but good block.. in between the four cylinder heads I cleaned a complete set of unbent valves the heads are way under speck on warpage.. ,,:).. and I had to order two new camshafts because they were all damaged. This and with the factory repair manual and a block with 130k miles. I'm making a good engine. The VCM engines are like 2 times the amount of time to rebuild as the standard ones. Well step by step it will happen.. now I will never forget the VCM engines is the complex king of honda engines. I will be putting videos of the blown up engine block on youtube if someone wants to see. It is crazy. Ok Etcg I will watch some of your videos later thanks and always remember that we appreciate to see a mechanic who does not have a potty mouth .

  73. Randy Gentry

    Randy Gentry

    10 months ago

    Prelude 😢

  74. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    10 months ago

    Dropping the subframe on the RSX isn't a huge deal.

  75. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    10 months ago

    The RSX is great. The McPherson struts still work well and there are tons of aftermarket parts for it.

  76. Straight 4.6

    Straight 4.6

    10 months ago

    When I was in college me and a friend of mine were “racing” down the highway my f150 against his 91 si prelude and I’ll never forget how that car kept up with my truck since then that car has just stuck with me and I still bother him and ask if he wants to sell it

  77. Daniel Quatrini

    Daniel Quatrini

    11 months ago

    Why is the 98 integra type r the "creme"?

    • ETCG1


      10 months ago

      97-98 were not only the first, but they also had the best parts.

  78. Ry Hendo

    Ry Hendo

    11 months ago

    Keep it up black beard! Hope all is well.

  79. Michael G

    Michael G

    11 months ago

    My wife and I wanted to buy a Honda S2000 until I test drove them. The ride was horrible, felt every bump in the road and constantly had to shift gears to keep the rpm in the sweet spot. We ended up buying a BMW Z3 2.5L. It rides very well on the road, engine pulls from 3k all the way to 6500 rpm and has excellent handling in the corners. I would choose the S2000 for a track car but we feel the BMW is a better road car and that is where we drive it. Eric, you mentioned the transmission on the TL. Did they have the same/similar transmission as the 1998 Acura RL? I loved our RL but felt the transmission was holding it back. Never had any issues with it, just didn't feel like it was that good.

  80. zach miller

    zach miller

    11 months ago

    Any particular thoughts on the 1997-1999 5 speed 2.3 CL? Got one a few months ago and you would be the one to know what to look out for, working for acura at the time.

    • ETCG1


      11 months ago

      It's a reskinned Honda Accord of the same year. Good cars. Many are still around today.

  81. romeo_ alpha01

    romeo_ alpha01

    11 months ago

    I’ll be the oddball here. My favorite Honda’s I own/have owned we’re the 91-93 CB9 Accord Wagon and 99-06 ZE1 Insight.

  82. Gordon Sumner

    Gordon Sumner

    Year ago

    The RSX looks like an egg. Blech! 2004 to 2008 TL is primo.

  83. Gordon Sumner

    Gordon Sumner

    Year ago

    Dude, the S2000 is not to be compared with the Miata. Major disagree on that. Miata = biatch-car. The Prelude is the absolute bomb: 1997 to 2001. Manual, please.

  84. Joseph001


    Year ago

    I completely agree with you, in everyway they took all that I loved growing up. I finally purchased my first integra may not be VTEC. But it's mine 1995 Acura Integra ls special edition 5 speed manual coupe.

  85. Jim


    Year ago

    Used to valet and had driven everything under the sun in the mid to late 2000s from old ass busted Rolls Royce to Brand new Maybachs, Ferrari, Bentley and crisp 1996 Camry with super high mileage. The ones infested with flies from old spilled baby milk to the off the lot 15 mile odometer ones. The people that cared for and even not caring for yet still were the most comfortable with the least issues was Lexus. Everyone else was an absolute maniac with the car. Have you ever scratched your forearm on an under seat rail with hard dried boogers that act like a handsaw? Ya, those too. Lexus owners must have some key to life on not being and absolute condom factory inferno of a vehicle owner.

  86. Outspoken Insider

    Outspoken Insider

    Year ago

    Honda lost its way when it ditched Double-Wishbone for McStrut (so did BMW).

  87. Lambor_ghini


    Year ago

    Long front ends doesn't appeal to you .. so you probably don't like the 1970 Ford Lincoln Continental? :D

    • ETCG1


      Year ago

      @Lambor_ghini My first car was a 1972 Galaxie. I'm very familiar with driving large cars. I've actually owned 3 1972 Fords. This was the last one I had a few years back. I hope to get another big Ford or Lincoln someday to replace it.

    • Lambor_ghini


      Year ago

      @ETCG1 I love that car too, big gas guzzling car with a loong straight hood and a nice standing hood ornament at the end of it. Basically feels like a truck to drive it, I was lucky to try it once.

    • ETCG1


      Year ago

      Actually, I LOVE that car, and other big cars like it. In my view, they are more in proportion than vehicles with just a long front end.

  88. David Stefanowicz

    David Stefanowicz

    Year ago

    Integra>Miata Or Miata>integra as a second fun car? (Already have a civic sedan as my regular daily/practical car)

  89. robert hildebrand

    robert hildebrand

    Year ago

    My cb7 i h22a swapped is a majorly fun car h22s are my favorite 4 cyl honda in n/a form simply because torque and the sound of the vtec crossover is the best imo but b series with boost is a better form

  90. shmuck azoid

    shmuck azoid

    Year ago

    I had a rsx once....the engine started knocking 😆 i have a 07 TL type s now 😁 SOOOOO MUCH BETTER

  91. Editor Predator

    Editor Predator

    Year ago

    I love preludes

  92. daveogarf


    Year ago

    "I do not like them, Sam I Am!"

  93. Hollow Dog

    Hollow Dog

    Year ago

    Early 90's was Honda's pinnacle.

  94. Dick Blunoff

    Dick Blunoff

    Year ago

    Your killing me Eric

  95. Potardo


    Year ago

    The '94-'97 Honda Accords are my favorite Honda creations.

  96. Mister006


    Year ago

    Is there any specific Honda engine you don't like? I have a manual transmission HRV with the R18Z9. All the research says the R18 is insanely durable, tried and true. It's a quick enough engine, there was no way I was going to get the CVT because it's a sluggish trans. Any tips/info you can share about the Honda R18 variants?

  97. Bill Does Stuff

    Bill Does Stuff

    Year ago

    I've never worked a lot of Hondas really and never owned a Honda car, but one thing that really turned me off of them after riding in early to mid 2000's Civic was the seats. They were sooooo uncomfortable, like riding on a brick. No ergonomics whatsoever and even my anaemic 2000 Hyundai Accent has better seats.

  98. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller

    Year ago

    I don't like soft tops but I still really like the s2000. They are way too expensive though that's why I drive a del sol lol

  99. jinxtacy


    Year ago

    It's strange because I associate Hondas with fun performance in comparison to Toyota, but like a lot of Japanese offerings there is "enough." I still think I had the most fun in 90s Hondas on the street except maybe the MR2 and the ND MX-5 (which Is trangely liked more than my FD). Cars are just large nowadays, with huge wheels, expensive tires, etc. They're better machines technically, but I still keep my eyes out for EK hatches. They really are an experience. I really wish we got some of the European hatches that are a bit closer in size to 90s cars. Businesswise, the companies do the right things, but it doesn't really work for me.

  100. Lewis Beshers

    Lewis Beshers

    Year ago

    My boss had a 2nd? Gen Legend. I absolutely loved the look, but was saddened that the heads were a weak spot. Bought a new 99 Accord as we were adding a second kid to the mix, and liked that it shared some of the styling cues from that Legend.