The New 2022 Acura MDX Has Two Crazy Features I Have Never Seen Before!

In this video, Tommy takes a look and review the brand new 2022 Acura MDX. For this year, the all new model comes equipped with some unusual options and crazy gadgets that definitely set it apart from the previous generation.
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  1. W W

    W W

    2 months ago

    Tommy/Blaze score another thumbs up for car viewers everywhere. This MDX is an appealing SUV. :)

  2. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    4 days ago

    Best review of features I have seen yet. You have a new sub

  3. Stayc Xoxo

    Stayc Xoxo

    9 days ago

    Is there a third row ?

  4. aniretak1378


    9 days ago

    Good review. But that is not the phantom violet.

  5. Hillary Campbell

    Hillary Campbell

    14 days ago

    Blaze is adorable! You should definitely do a series on dog-friendly vehicles. 🐶

  6. Phillip Alv

    Phillip Alv

    22 days ago

    Na I’m not buying this , it’s ugly like the last gen MDX.

  7. Rick Gigliotti

    Rick Gigliotti

    28 days ago

    Need to say what is standard or what package you have to buy

  8. analyse guy

    analyse guy

    Month ago

    Does this car has autodim side view mirrors?

  9. AirMaxPenny


    Month ago

    Great review, keep it up! Wish Acura would rethink what is included in each trim level. Imagine a tech package that doesn't include third row USB ports or a standard 120v outlet. One you splurge for the top of the line, you find yourself asking why you are not considering going with one of the better competitors at that price point. Stuff other cars have for ~15K less.

  10. gottalikeit2010


    Month ago

    Blaze is such a good boy!!!

  11. Drake Drake

    Drake Drake

    Month ago

    Love the MDX

  12. Kurt Ashbaugh

    Kurt Ashbaugh

    Month ago

    more dog!!

  13. J P

    J P

    Month ago

    No Built-in DASCHCAM (front and back) yet

  14. Bil Malik

    Bil Malik

    Month ago

    Seats are very low

  15. productnumber7


    2 months ago

    Loving everything except those doo-doo wheels

  16. Kuttiesmith03


    2 months ago

    Im only here for Blaze!!



    2 months ago

    BLAZE!!!!!!!!!! :p

  18. Salvatore Teta

    Salvatore Teta

    2 months ago

    ...everything you can do on screen via true touch interface is available by voice

  19. Salvatore Teta

    Salvatore Teta

    2 months ago

    Poor demonstration of the true touch interface...its been out since 2018 on the 20149 RDX, added to the 2021 there is really no excuse for not sharing the 1:1 touch and location's the perfect combo of your laptop and your smartphone!

  20. MJ Kim

    MJ Kim

    2 months ago

    I miss Roman and Nathan's reviews.

  21. tommy ho

    tommy ho

    2 months ago

    While I love the mdx. I am concern for their all tech dash. Honda isn’t the best for their tech. Very afraid. If they can offer some type of free warranty for their tech.

  22. Em Jay

    Em Jay

    2 months ago

    Trailer trash be all about the Durango.

  23. Roy Grannell

    Roy Grannell

    2 months ago

    Luv your CU jacket!

  24. Ryan


    2 months ago

    2008 Highlander middle seat 2nd row can also be removed.

  25. D Ray

    D Ray

    2 months ago

    I love the Dog! What breed is that pooch?

    • Em Jay

      Em Jay

      2 months ago

      @ 10:02

  26. Endurorodzndubz


    2 months ago

    WOW, removable seats are very 20th century. The European's have been doing that in MPV's for decades.

  27. Spencer Main

    Spencer Main

    2 months ago

    The 2016+ Honda Pilots have that same removable cargo floor trick. You can also insert the piece at the bottom of the compartment instead of flush mounted to gain cargo height.

  28. The True

    The True

    2 months ago

    This Tommy guy is terrible can you please stop using him so much. I see he is in the video and just turn it off

  29. Vince Risi

    Vince Risi

    2 months ago

    think the knob stuff is goofy and not good

  30. Quang Nguyen

    Quang Nguyen

    2 months ago

    Prefer to see more of Blaze 🙂

  31. Ciprian Petrescu

    Ciprian Petrescu

    2 months ago

    You are a liar ! It is impossible to review a 2022 car in january 2021

  32. Ciprian Petrescu

    Ciprian Petrescu

    2 months ago

    How could this be a 2022 car if the video was posted in january 2021 ?

  33. Mark Stafford

    Mark Stafford

    2 months ago

    Blaze is a Star !!!

  34. Syed Alam

    Syed Alam

    2 months ago

    When will you do the Genesis GV80?

  35. Jose Guerra

    Jose Guerra

    2 months ago

    Acura have out-grown their function in the auto-market. Their "luxury" status seems to be rivaled by pretty much any well equipped standard contemporary brand, i.e. Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Honda (Ironically) etc; notice I didn't list any European brands or even some of the American brands, because in my opinion, Acura simply does not compete with true premium brands. They're essentially a top of the line Honda, which are very fine cars, but not in the competitive realm of "luxury" brands. My biggest gripe with Acura is the lack of engine choices. If I'm going to spend upwards of 50k up to the mid 60k price bracket, there is one thing that is non negotiable to me: Torque, I want torque, and excluding the NSX, the highest displacement engine available is the 3.5 which isn't turbo charged in any of its configurations. This is the same engine thats probably in almost every V-6 Honda product; great engine, but is it sufficient for "premium" brand-- I say no. Although i'm sure they'll start to move their platform into electric/hybrid anyways. Still, I rest my case.

  36. llcane1


    2 months ago

    At the end did I see that right? Did they really put bridgestones tires on this car? You don't put bridgestones on a $60K car.

  37. Frank P

    Frank P

    2 months ago

    What kind of case is that for your iPhone?

  38. TheKingkingg


    2 months ago

    Thanks Tommy, for you reviewing this awesome SUV and not your dad as he seems to be getting grumpier and grumpier trying to play devil's advocate...he needs to find his passion for similar life. Anyway I appreciate what he has done in the past, you are now like he was.

  39. 36 605

    36 605

    2 months ago

    Why does Accura think that putting the Dynamic mode knob dead center in the instrument cluster such a good idea? Most people rarely adjust the driving mode in their day to day driving. They must think the driver is going to be change the driving mode 5 times during the drive! Ridiculous

  40. Walid Issa

    Walid Issa

    2 months ago

    MDX looking great

  41. Nick Ielase

    Nick Ielase

    2 months ago

    2008 toyota highlander had the ability to remove the center bench as well. Not a new invention.

  42. TR


    2 months ago

    What breed is that dog? Cute. It looks like a Bernese mountain dog but seems kinda small. Is it mixed?

  43. Alexander Fedyna

    Alexander Fedyna

    2 months ago

    Tell me, I can change miles to kilometers in the dashboard settings?

  44. Bob Tusime

    Bob Tusime

    2 months ago

    When Tommy came on TFL, I said this is Nepotism! Actually Tommy is doing well 👌 👏 👍 🙌 ☺ Your reviews are excellent 👌 👏 👍 😀

  45. Cmdr Darwin

    Cmdr Darwin

    2 months ago

    Good review Tommy! Unfortunately, this is more typical bs from Acura. Acura lost its way & still hasn’t found it! Who cares about the worthless 3rd row seats?! If one needs that many seats, they should look for a mini van or Suburban that has room for an actual usable 3rd row. Acura is STILL using ridiculous knobs & buttons that confuse drivers. I used to be a big Acura fan - back when they built sport luxury vehicles that lasted. Now it’s just quirky gimmicks. There is way more value per dollar in a Chevy now, vs. Acura.

  46. HeartofTacoma


    2 months ago

    Looks like more form, than function. It's nice though, but the little tech gadgets are quite gimmicky.

  47. Brett Blankner

    Brett Blankner

    2 months ago

    Holy crap, Blaze has become a big unit.

  48. DJ Kingston

    DJ Kingston

    2 months ago

    It'd be nice if they would have considered that in captain chair mode there is no place to rest your arms. Doesn't seem too comfortable.

  49. Edmund Chen

    Edmund Chen

    2 months ago

    Whats with all that gloss black plastic? Wtf? I'm staying with my 07 rdx

  50. C. Nelson

    C. Nelson

    2 months ago

    Best Suv Cockpit ever wow. Very sporty futuristic !

  51. Rob B

    Rob B

    2 months ago

    You forgot to mention the massaging front seats!

  52. Dag Eide

    Dag Eide

    2 months ago

    There is so many unnecesarry gadgets and sho-offs in the display that this will seriously the safety when all to many things are displayed. The driver must se out of the front window. Now we are given a fine on 1000USDS for using the phone in the car, but this is ok!

  53. Pat Pal

    Pat Pal

    2 months ago


  54. Leonel Santamaria

    Leonel Santamaria

    2 months ago

    My 16’ Pilot has the same feat floor remover

  55. Adithya Kalathor

    Adithya Kalathor

    2 months ago

    IM THE 1mill subscriber

  56. Waldemar Ishibashi

    Waldemar Ishibashi

    2 months ago

    Looks great for a piano black nightmare. :)

  57. Walker Landel

    Walker Landel

    2 months ago

    Oh look, another disastrous Acura interior/infotainment/center console... Who would have guessed!

  58. getofftheinternet28


    2 months ago

    I'm looking forward to a Tommy/Blaze vlog series just documenting their daily hikes and adventures or at least, a blaze insta account. Get on this Tommy!

  59. Shay Reed

    Shay Reed

    2 months ago


  60. Gary Sandhu

    Gary Sandhu

    2 months ago

    I have a 2009 mdx and will be waiting for the 2022 Type S MDX. Acura did a great job. Too bad they didn’t offer a plug in hybrid.

  61. Nelissa NR

    Nelissa NR

    2 months ago

    Tommy/ adorable :) thanks for doing such a great job describing the new 2022 Acura!!! We can’t wait to go get ours soon 🤗😊

  62. Bryan Clark

    Bryan Clark

    2 months ago

    Removable middle seat in the middle row is a novel idea, but you lose the cup holders. Very important for a “Mall Crawler”.

  63. Doug


    2 months ago

    Nice Pilot.

  64. Forgan Mreeman

    Forgan Mreeman

    2 months ago

    we be living in the F U T U R E

  65. Ray Liu

    Ray Liu

    2 months ago

    MDX will be a perfect one if it doesn’t has those narrow third row seats, just like RX

    • Michael Isidro

      Michael Isidro

      2 months ago

      Better leg room than RX and German SUVs.

  66. Karlito P

    Karlito P

    2 months ago

    At this point, I'm convinced that none of these auto channels want to actually learn to use the touchpad correctly. They don't even try. Just complain that it's not a touch screen.

    • Cmdr Darwin

      Cmdr Darwin

      2 months ago

      Nobody really wants a touch pad - they want a touch screen!

    • Patrick Faber

      Patrick Faber

      2 months ago

      It would help if they would watch a youtube video before giving advice saying it sucks

  67. Peter T

    Peter T

    2 months ago

    the non touch screen will make me prioritize a jeep next

  68. Brandon Banner

    Brandon Banner

    2 months ago

    Great video as always, but I will say as far as the true touch pad goes, it doesn’t need a cursor if you understand how it works. Wherever your finger is on the pad, is where it’ll be selected on the same area of the screen above.

  69. Donnie D.VILL

    Donnie D.VILL

    2 months ago

    Can you test the awd/rollers test on the mdx? Like 3rd vs 4th generation?! I really wanna see if the SH-AWD is any good as they say it is

  70. Robert Wood

    Robert Wood

    2 months ago

    What a huge improvement over the 2020 model. I do wish at least on the Advance trim, the exterior cladding was body painted and not flat black. I'm also surprised A/C is still not included in the 3rd row, it gets really hot back there & takes forever to cool down in Florida summers, even with 2nd row air on high. These are a couple things the new GV80 offers, but each has their own strengths. Regardless, this new MDX is going to sell very very well, especially with expanded cargo space as a highlight. My GSP will take Blaze's word for pup comfort🙂 Great review!



    2 months ago

    Did he show the roof? Is there a Panorama roof?

  72. Allphonetips


    2 months ago

    Huge step up from the last shitty one 👏🙌👌🏽would buy for the price

  73. Bryan Duncan

    Bryan Duncan

    2 months ago

    Tommy, Nice review, In that upcoming driving reviews, We would like to see comparisons of the new MDX to the new GV80. Those 2 will be fighting for the same market share.

  74. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    2 months ago

    Blaze isn’t a little puppy anymore.

  75. Traveller


    2 months ago

    Interesting if reliability will go down, if built in US? . Statistically should be an average, not better. Comparably priced Genesis qv80 expect to be better.

  76. Chris Rob

    Chris Rob

    2 months ago

    Either this guy is too tall to review this car or the back is really cramped

    • Rashawn Banks

      Rashawn Banks

      2 months ago


  77. Marty Mad Scientist

    Marty Mad Scientist

    2 months ago

    "Blaze, close the hatch" good boy Blaze! Blaze what are you doing? Blaze do not engage drive! Blaze NO! Blazes chases rabbit with car

  78. Cruzctrl1


    2 months ago

    @Tommy, roller slip test please.

  79. Trent Beaudin

    Trent Beaudin

    2 months ago

    They had all this time to make the MDX very revolutionary, and have a bigger 3rd row but they chose not to.... I wonder why they would think we want a rehashed CX7....

  80. pepe la pew

    pepe la pew

    2 months ago

    More crap .

  81. shyenne gilzean

    shyenne gilzean

    2 months ago

    I love acura and the mdx so much

  82. Kevin Barry

    Kevin Barry

    2 months ago

    Rear hatch? Is there some other kind of hatch in a car?

  83. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez

    2 months ago

    The touch pad on the new MDX RDX is pretty amazing if you cant figure it out then consider your tech skill level is at - Rotary Dial Telephone

  84. Francisco Gutierrez

    Francisco Gutierrez

    2 months ago

    U r a Hottie - I love the MDX- cant wait to trade in my 2020 Aspec MDX with the 2022Aspec MDX

  85. chemicalcorral


    2 months ago

    More Blaze, please

  86. mobilemowers


    2 months ago

    Too complaicated. Lots to go wrong and trouble shoot down the line.

  87. Akshay Juwa

    Akshay Juwa

    2 months ago

    nice quite impressed...

  88. Vernon Bennett III

    Vernon Bennett III

    2 months ago

    Touchpad and screen is a nonstarter for me!

  89. Ollie M. 1371 USMC

    Ollie M. 1371 USMC

    2 months ago

    Thank you for your awesome review of the MDX. Thank you also for introducing me to the Bernese Mounting Dog breed. I didn't know of that breed until seeing Blaze and hearing you mention his breed type. Beautiful animal.

  90. Steve Wise

    Steve Wise

    2 months ago

    Captains chairs with no arm rests and from what I could tell, no cup holders.

  91. Shadow


    2 months ago

    Nice Odyssey



    2 months ago

    What this MDX package? Tech?

  93. Meghan Nicole

    Meghan Nicole

    2 months ago

    Can I assume that this is not the base , tech, and definitely not an A-spec? Definitely looks like the almost $70k advanced

  94. Tom Drummy

    Tom Drummy

    2 months ago

    Too much glossy black in interior ! 😕

  95. Karl Lee

    Karl Lee

    2 months ago

    looks really nice

  96. shinbryan


    2 months ago

    Please do TFL Slip Test for this MDX, thanks :D

  97. JEEP 2019

    JEEP 2019

    2 months ago

    I’ll pass. Cute engine though.

  98. Leo K.

    Leo K.

    2 months ago


  99. Leo K.

    Leo K.

    2 months ago

    What type of dog is blaze please?

  100. Nikolay Rayanov

    Nikolay Rayanov

    2 months ago

    Where's the 4x4 test? :(