The Truth About Acura Cars

Acura car review. The Truth About Acura Cars and More, FYI and car review with Scotty Kilmer. The truth about Acura. Is Acura reliable? Is Acura better than Honda? Are Acuras good cars? Are Acura worth it? Buying a new Acura. Buying a used Acura. Should I buy an Acura? Are Acuras expensive? Car buying tips. What type of car to buy. Car buying guide. Car Advice. This was an excerpt from one of my Live Car Talk shows where I answer your car questions Live. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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  1. Scotty Kilmer

    Scotty Kilmer

    2 years ago

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Cheap Scan Tool: 3. Professional Socket Set: 4. Wrench Set: 5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 6. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: ⬇Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: 3. Camera Microphone: 4. Camera Tripod: 5. My computer for editing / uploading: 6. Video editing software: 7. Thumbnail software: 🛠Check out my Amazon Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► This was an excerpt from one of my Live Car Talk shows where I answer your car questions Live. If you enjoyed it, every Thursday at 1 pm CST and Saturday 10 am CST I live stream and answer your questions!

    • Exodia The Forbidden One

      Exodia The Forbidden One

      8 months ago

      @Scotty Kilmer Please make a video about the Acura TL Type-S 07-08. Would be great to hear your thoughts on this car.

    • Dante's Guide

      Dante's Guide

      2 years ago

      Hey Scotty I'm a bit confused I'm from the future where the Acura RXD made your list of top 5 SUVs and I truly mean no disrespect I'm not doing a gotcha you are literally like my car guru and I am seriously interested in getting one either the 2015 or the 16 any feedback would be appreciated

    • Joel Rodriguez

      Joel Rodriguez

      2 years ago

      Scotty Kilmer hello , God bless you brother I have a question, I have a Honda Accord 2017 but I put many miles , how often you should change the transmission oil, and I tell you the truth I do not trust the dealers because I’ve had experience before, what advice would you give me if I take it to the dealer , what should I say , thank you for your videos and tips

    • Ryan Lee

      Ryan Lee

      2 years ago

      Scotty, my car is a 03 Matrix. My check engine light is on. Code says it’s the fuel seal. I’ve cleaned the cap several times for a temporary fix and have replaced the cap and still the check engine light comes back on after a time. Any suggestions?

    • Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee

      Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee

      2 years ago

      Phi, your car has more body problems than my 98 year old grandma



    12 days ago

    I just bought a 2011 TSX today. Automatic, I hope it lasts a long time

  3. stefcia s

    stefcia s

    15 days ago

    I just bought a 2001 Tl with 100k, it’s in the shop now getting a tube up some suspension work (didn’t need I wanted it) a tranny flush and new brakes and master cylinder. I’ll be getting it back later today and I can’t wait to see how it runs after that it’s an absolutely beautiful condition an old lady owned it and it was service to Acura for the past 20 years there isn’t even a crack in the leather a scratch or a dot of rust anywhere to be found. I had a Toyota Camry and someone T-bones me and ruin the car so I’m praying that the Acura last me a while since it was all the money I had to buy it so far I like the car it’s got a great sound system and moon roof nice leather heated side mirrors fingers crossed that it holds out for a couple years until I get my settlement from a car accident

  4. Dan Max

    Dan Max

    21 day ago

    What the hell Scotty I was expecting you to elaborate more on the Acura TL, & you're talking more about off-roading in regards to trucks. This is the first time I give you a thumbs-down I'm sorry man please don't take it personal.😁

  5. Diesel The Trucker

    Diesel The Trucker

    Month ago

    What about the Acura RLX

  6. lxr


    Month ago

    08 Acura TL here 😎



    Month ago

    All new acuras have gear transmission When most new hondas have cvt transmission



    2 months ago

    I love my Acura csx 5 speed.

  9. 239 Samuel

    239 Samuel

    2 months ago

    2008 Acura TSX

  10. DriveCFL


    2 months ago


  11. thenumberoneboss


    2 months ago

    Owner of a 2003 Acura TL aspec absolutely love it

  12. Acurazoid


    3 months ago

    The 08 TL is the best car they made

  13. Theo Corper

    Theo Corper

    3 months ago

    The acura is acutally a honda OR honda is a acura

    • Robert Jackson

      Robert Jackson

      Month ago

      And Cadillac is Chevy and Lexus is Toyota. You're still wet behind the ears?

  14. playboy 08

    playboy 08

    3 months ago

    Fancy hondas haha

    • Robert Jackson

      Robert Jackson

      Month ago

      And Cadillac is fancy Chevy and Lexus is a fancy Toyota. We're you born yesterday? They all do this as a business strategy to reach a higher level buyer. You youngsters have much to learn about this stuff.

  15. Trucks For Life

    Trucks For Life

    3 months ago

    I recently bought an 87 Acura legend. And my parents have a 2003 Acura MDX. Both running strong.

  16. Scott de

    Scott de

    4 months ago

    Super annoying guy

  17. TK Kirkland

    TK Kirkland

    4 months ago

    my old buddy ALWAYS had an Honda/or Acura... he never had issues

  18. Sara Marie

    Sara Marie

    4 months ago

    My TL has been nothing but a lemon and a money pit

    • Robert Jackson

      Robert Jackson

      Month ago

      Change mechanics.... from a retired mechanic. Sorry to hear you're having problems though.

  19. INTEGRAND Distributor

    INTEGRAND Distributor

    4 months ago

    I was reading about the 07 TL / Type S and believe I read correctly that both models self-tunes/adjust the spark plugs at 105k miles then when it hits 210k miles you’re supposed to take it in for a manual tune up. Now don’t quote me directly cause I haven’t read the owners manual for my 07 yet but IF IT DOES then that’s fuckin crazy and it comes factory with those top of the line spark plugs too. This car does a lot to be just a 07 and it’s rated as an entry level luxury sedan but on the highway on long stretches 60-140 mph EAAAASY and it acts like it can handle more , it’s in its comfort zone at 110 -120 mph and I mean COMFORTABLE ! Impeccable shifting at those speeds for a 07

  20. Brandon Moser

    Brandon Moser

    4 months ago

    I have a 2001 Acura CL Type S how can I tell a difference between a leaky valve cover gasket and head gasket?

  21. Andrew Barrios

    Andrew Barrios

    4 months ago

    Scotty, is a 2011 Acura TSX Wagon a good car?

  22. Frankie


    4 months ago

    Honda is the worse company on the Planet!

  23. Michael Dunlap

    Michael Dunlap

    4 months ago

    Lol, so I’m happy I found this channel. So I bought an 2004 Acura TL. Everything seem well but it started to smoke under the hood. Could it be a oil leak or overheating?

  24. Cruz C

    Cruz C

    4 months ago

    But don't you think Acura is more feasible/practical than lexus?

  25. Im _TheSUBII3 • 25 years ago

    Im _TheSUBII3 • 25 years ago

    4 months ago

    A TSX sedan is definitely something I’d get in he future.

  26. Samuel M

    Samuel M

    5 months ago

    I have a 15 year old Acura. I’ve owned it for over 3 years and not once has it given me any problems. No check engine lights, nothing! Fuel efficient and drives like new (aside from the cheap tires I put on it).

  27. Tony Blackburn

    Tony Blackburn

    5 months ago

    I agree with him about the automatic trans hondas, but my 03 CL Type S had a 6 speed manual and it was awesome sold it running at 278k.

  28. RR Extra

    RR Extra

    5 months ago

    Just dont buy the automatic Hondas.. Problem solved.

  29. Anthony Taveras

    Anthony Taveras

    5 months ago

    I’ve had an 02 civic ex coupe 5 speed when I got rid of it had 175k miles and ran Strongggg and now have an 08’ TL-S 6 speed with 115k miles and run beautifully. I love Honda/Acura and I believe the some of the brand new ones might have issues but overall they are great cars.

  30. Bongo Vybz

    Bongo Vybz

    5 months ago

    The little pictures are hilarious with your explanations

  31. Ramone Barrett

    Ramone Barrett

    5 months ago

    Scotty says bore holes 🕳 in headlights to drain moisture out.. me: so isn’t more moisture gonna go in now through the holes 🕳 u just made 🙄

  32. LazySniper


    5 months ago

    Wow, how uninformed and out of date this information is. I've owned a half dozen Hondas in my life and a few Acuras. Even was a Honda tech. I love my Acuras as much as my Hondas and you work on them the same.

  33. Elias Esqueda

    Elias Esqueda

    6 months ago

    Thank you for all your videos they really help

  34. Kevin Gee

    Kevin Gee

    6 months ago

    Scotty I will race you and smoke you in my Acura TL 2011 vs your Toyota celica 🏎💨💨💨

    • Robert Jackson

      Robert Jackson

      Month ago

      Honda's do make more power per L then Toyota's no doubt until you get into the FLA''s and high end stuff.

  35. Clark T

    Clark T

    6 months ago

    Hey! I have a 1999 Acura tl with an automatic transmission and manual mode. The manual mode doesn’t work but automatic does. Do you know what is causing this issue? Do I need a new transmission?

  36. Samuel Hernandez

    Samuel Hernandez

    6 months ago

    What about acura 2006 gasoline? It says i should use premium, can i used regular or not???

  37. Stazia Kibera

    Stazia Kibera

    6 months ago

    The chez rocker mix on ACURA

  38. #dereka 26

    #dereka 26

    7 months ago

    Love Acura

  39. RBEmpathy


    8 months ago

    Why you gotta do me like this?

  40. csaleen302


    9 months ago

    The main thing with Acura’s are. 1 you have to run premium gas 2 the resale on them is surprisingly low even when talking about compatible Honda models. Trans haven’t been an issue in Acura’s for over 12-13 years

    • S2k Kev

      S2k Kev

      7 months ago

      I just bought a 2013 RDX awd but aparently some people do have trans issues, i just hope its nothing major. Im just curious where you got that 12-13 years from?

  41. Joe Oel

    Joe Oel

    9 months ago

    Got a question: What type of fuel type do 2005 Acura TL take? Regular gas or Premium unleaded (87 vs 91)?. Thanks.

  42. eric sauteur

    eric sauteur

    9 months ago

    Me too I love my 2004 acura

  43. Roland Specht

    Roland Specht

    9 months ago

    Have a 2000 tl ..yup put $4,800 in transmission at 145k I have 345k run great still get 29mph and everything works

  44. adam christner

    adam christner

    9 months ago

    Yooo he really said he would buy a Lexus instead of an Acura ummm yea if u had enough money for that lexus

  45. George Leavitt

    George Leavitt

    9 months ago

    Every video I’ve ever seen of this guy he hates on every brand

  46. Soggy Fries

    Soggy Fries

    9 months ago

    I got my first handy in an Acura Legend.

  47. ExultantEseioZeke


    10 months ago

    I used to have a Acura EL 1.7 and no problems.

  48. thedarkkinght24


    10 months ago

    Hi Scotty! What do you think about Acura RDX 2021? Is the turbo engine gonna be reliable? Is it still having transmission problem?

  49. Suren Xavier

    Suren Xavier

    10 months ago

    From someone who has owned both a 2009 Lexus GS350, and a 2004 Acura MDX as my first ever car. Acuras are extremely fun to drive and own. They are extremely durable. The interiors are insanely well built, and the drive quality is insanely high! But the transmissions are a joke. Lexus- The most reliable car that you will ever own! Most models are boring without modifications, (excluding the LC, SC, GX, and LX, and definitely not the F models). The interiors on most Lexuses, get torn up over the years, although are extremely well crafted especially on the higher end models.

    • Robert Jackson

      Robert Jackson

      Month ago

      You're MDX was in the group when they started building the transmissions in the states and had clutch plate issues. Long since been corrected. I drive a 2010 MDX with 281k+ with no trans problems.

  50. Mr Hawk

    Mr Hawk

    11 months ago

    Buy a extended warranty.. kia has the best. I have one

  51. Adrian Maldonado

    Adrian Maldonado

    11 months ago

    I have a acura rsx and it has 286k miles and it drives like new i changed the motor cause it had shavings due to me beating on it but my transmission runs soo nice has no slips nor bad shifts runs like new

  52. David Brown

    David Brown

    Year ago

    I would like to meet you I have a Acura..and I have done alot of car work..I just like the laugh that you gave me..

  53. David Smith

    David Smith

    Year ago

    Who makes the acura MXL SUV?

  54. Acura TL GTLM

    Acura TL GTLM

    Year ago

    Scotty: "automatic transmissions can be a little on the weak side" Me, an owner of a 2nd generation TL: "ya fuckin think? I burned through 4 of them over the course of the past 10 years!"

  55. TrainAndPlanefan145


    Year ago

    he said nothing about acura. *yay we didnt get roasted by a kid*

  56. naidely


    Year ago


  57. jayngo23


    Year ago

    My 2012 Acura TL is at 130,000 and it’s still going strong 💪

  58. Here 2Learn

    Here 2Learn

    Year ago

    I've personally driven an MDX with 455k miles on it and no apparent mechanical problems at all. Owner took great care of it, interior was even in great shape and it was a 2005 model. Honda/Acura makes very dependable vehicles, like most anything in life - It's about how you maintain things!

    • Robert Jackson

      Robert Jackson

      Month ago

      Boats, Planes, Trains, some people should not be responsible for taking care of equipment of ANY kind. They'll break an Anvil.

  59. AdnanSkillz1234


    Year ago

    I’m driving 06 tl manual. Very awesome

  60. DUNE


    Year ago


  61. अनिश्


    Year ago

    why only american have Acura?

  62. Edna & Doris Homestyle Cooking

    Edna & Doris Homestyle Cooking

    Year ago

    2010 Acura tax owner I love it aspiration engine

  63. Tigran Tashjian

    Tigran Tashjian

    Year ago

    i have a 2007 MDX with 140,000 miles and it has 0 problems

  64. Dhruv Kota

    Dhruv Kota

    Year ago

    Acuras are great! I have a 2008 TL Type-S and it's been awesome.

  65. David Szabo

    David Szabo

    Year ago

    looking to buy a acura cdx for my first car, any comments on that aha

    • David Szabo

      David Szabo

      Year ago

      07 with 157km

  66. Jimmy OZborne

    Jimmy OZborne

    Year ago

    2005 Acura TL 3.2 with V6 I have 300k miles still runs GREAT .. just keep up with routine maintenance and everything's been fine I've had to replace two timing belts but that's been the only major thing with one radiator replaced and new spark plugs once with a valve adjustments in the lifetime in this awesome car zooom

    • Jimmy OZborne

      Jimmy OZborne

      Year ago

      I would .. But always take it first to a mechanic and have them do a quick overview of the engine and transmission. I think it's a sporty car there fast as crazy great handling car and my mechanic says as long as I keep maintenance up on it I could get possibly 500k out of it cross my fingers good luck my friend

    • Amogus


      Year ago

      Would you recommend me getting one? It’s at 174k miles and it’s $3,800

  67. Darkcruzer23


    Year ago

    what about jd power ratings that say acura are reliable? they not worth going by?

  68. Robert Murphy

    Robert Murphy

    Year ago

    Scotty, I have a 2006 Honda Ridgeline with 305000 miles and a 2005 Honda Accord with 180000 miles. Both are running great. Which should I sell if we are looking to purchase a newer vehicle? I love my Honda’s.

  69. M A

    M A

    Year ago

    I have a 2013 Acura ILX aka fancy civic!

  70. M A

    M A

    Year ago

    I HAVE AN 2013 Acura ILX aka fancy civic

  71. Bob James

    Bob James

    Year ago

    2000-2005 Acura MDX suffered with the mentioned transmission issues. The second generation MDX addressed these issues. I don't believe it to be wise advice to group them all together!

  72. Ruben Krys

    Ruben Krys

    Year ago

    The video opens up immediately with what's in the thumbnail. Gotta love Scotty .

  73. D'yer Maker

    D'yer Maker

    Year ago

    RSX type s with 176k miles. Still get 31-35 mpg.

  74. MD Focus

    MD Focus

    Year ago

    Hey Scotty, this might be a little late qn, Just wanted to know about the Acura TSX 2010 - 2013 (Wagon/Sedan) would you recommend getting a used one under 100k miles?

  75. X Smith

    X Smith

    Year ago

    😂😂😂 good video👍

  76. Paul the Car Whisperer

    Paul the Car Whisperer

    Year ago

    Acura 4 life

  77. Disracenboi


    Year ago

    What happened to Acura? genesis motors. The G80 and G90 are 4th most sold cars in their classes. The G80 outsold Cadillac CTS, Infiniti, Audi A6 and Lexus GS. In the midsize luxury sedan class. The G90 outsold the Lexus LS, Audi A8L and nearly passed the BMW 7 series. In the Large luxury size class. Genesis sold so many cars they ran out of cars to sell at approved dealers. So they are having to build more cars to meet demand. Acura needs to take notes.

  78. Grach2020


    Year ago

    I saw a 2014 acura tsx with 34k is it worth a look at for 10k

  79. Arsinyx


    Year ago

    Scotty please do some videos on the Acura rsx base model and type s😭

  80. Preston Dunn

    Preston Dunn

    Year ago

    I have modded 01 MDX at 240k miles. I’ll drive this thing until it blows up

  81. Richard Mckoy

    Richard Mckoy

    Year ago

    Hey Scotty ur a bias Ahole no disrespect but u love Lexus more then Honda aka a fancy Toyota if ur a car guy u like cars not just the brand u like just for shits a giggles aka im just saying

  82. Glooba


    Year ago

    I’m *very* cool.

  83. Lish A

    Lish A

    Year ago

    Bought my Acura rsx used and abused of course had high miles on it I didn’t know they changed the cluster paid 2300 decent base model 1 year later tranny went out 900 to fix it now my engine is leaking oil bad all the oil seals have went out on it so I’m doing a swap and I’ll sell my old engine since it does pass smog still

  84. Joey Zenter

    Joey Zenter

    Year ago

    Dude you talking about different subject 😠😠😠😠 don't lie to people 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  85. Martin Cabrera

    Martin Cabrera

    Year ago

    Clicked on an Acura video, learnt about trucks.

  86. paul mitchell

    paul mitchell

    Year ago

    The legend had an inline 5... But mkkkkk

  87. turtletitan62


    Year ago

    Does Scotty do bathsalts? I think so.

  88. Camil Camil

    Camil Camil

    Year ago

    What do u guy think of a 2013 Acura tl AWD?

  89. Block Busterz

    Block Busterz

    Year ago

    My 01 TL still riding with 250k on the clock. I just gave it to my moms in law and bought a 2016 tlx shawd advanced package.

  90. D:fhh Tyu

    D:fhh Tyu

    Year ago

    My 07 tl giving a lot of starting issue😖

  91. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    Year ago

    The Acura parts shared with Hondas aren't expensive.

  92. Chris Cornelius

    Chris Cornelius

    Year ago

    I see lots of Acura 05 06 07 08 pretty reasonably priced with decent miles. I love the RL.

  93. Jay


    Year ago

    Got a 09 TSX with 270k miles and has no problems.. don’t know why people hate on Honda/Acura

    • techsitter


      Year ago

      I also have 09 TSX with 126K and no problem as well. Just curious if your car has used premium gas or regular. I have been putting premium only.

  94. starz gonzales

    starz gonzales

    Year ago

    I bought a used 2013 Acura TL base...87km k mileage... did i made the right choice?.. almost bought a used 2012 a4

    • EnlistedAura23


      Year ago

      I got a 170k mileage ‘08 Acura TSX, had very little problems other then human errors like a front bumper hitting the curb from the previous owner. It was in stop and go traffic in Minneapolis too.

    • KillerBees


      Year ago


  95. ToroBullOne


    2 years ago

    I will forever love my 88 Legend.

  96. Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen

    2 years ago

    Just bought a 2007 TSX 160k miles with fresh black paint, new breakpads, rotors, serpentine belt, water pump, battery, & alternator for 6,000$. Has the K24 engine in immaculate condition. Wish me luck guys! Trying to keep it going till over 200k miles.

  97. Alejandro’s Channel

    Alejandro’s Channel

    2 years ago

    I have a 08 tsx do I have to you premium gas?

    • David Cain

      David Cain

      Year ago


  98. Xinlin Wu

    Xinlin Wu

    2 years ago

    So...what about a manual acura?

  99. King Namo

    King Namo

    2 years ago

    Should I get this 2015 Acura TLX with 40k miles for $15k? It's also a CPO.

  100. AbsoluteMdot


    2 years ago

    I love Acura's I use to have an Integra that car was the best!