This is the Most Technologically Advanced Motorcycle EVER

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This Ducati Panigale V4 R is one of the fastest street-legal machines you can buy. That’s because it’s literally a race bike made for the street. With technology developed for MotoGP, it’s faster than a Ferrari but cheaper than a minivan. Join us as we dive deep into what makes this awesome hog one of the best motorcycles money can buy!

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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media

    Year ago

    Ducati just announced an even FASTER bike after we shot this video: the Superleggera V4! What other bikes would you like to see on Bumper 2 Bumper?

    • Salitha Lashan

      Salitha Lashan

      Month ago

      Help me to buy a bikr

    • Kevin Guo

      Kevin Guo

      Month ago

      R6 does the same

    • Aryo Anandhito

      Aryo Anandhito

      Month ago

      Kawasaki Ninja H2R

    • n5nh5lm


      Month ago

      Dodge Tomahawk

    • likeable labradoodle

      likeable labradoodle

      Month ago

      CAN U PLS DO THE YAMAHA RX100!!!!! Please

  2. Vanaduim


    6 hours ago

    Wait who is that ?

  3. Vince Cloudchaser

    Vince Cloudchaser

    22 hours ago

    A guy with the same face as you sent me here

  4. Consumer Products

    Consumer Products

    23 hours ago

    Where’s the stash bro lol

  5. Jared Torres

    Jared Torres

    23 hours ago

    Animations 10/10 lol

  6. Steven Donihoo

    Steven Donihoo

    Day ago

    Jeremiah 1st B2B!! Can i get a hells yahhhhh coooomme ooonnnn ppl

  7. Edward Bratton

    Edward Bratton

    Day ago

    I heard on good authority that this in fact is not Jeramiah.

  8. theo pamoengkas

    theo pamoengkas

    Day ago

    Most expensive is rc213vs with race kit.



    3 days ago

    The bike had a long piston chamber which possess more rpm



    3 days ago

    I fitted smart atm lights, appcontroler mcu, alexa speaker, web cams, security systems in my bike but although I have to sell it for needs 😭of money

  11. Michael Alberto

    Michael Alberto

    4 days ago

    Can you make video on panigale v4 superleggera... 👉🏼👈🏼

  12. James Brown

    James Brown

    6 days ago

    Very poorly made guys I’m disappointed wtf are those lil kid drawings

  13. ISPY4ever


    6 days ago

    Meanwhile my bike red lines at 6000 rpm :V

  14. Streusand


    9 days ago

    There were in the past bikes like the Yamaha R6 reving over 18k rpm or the Kawsaki ZX250 which reved also higher, with valve springs.

    • Andrew Murphy

      Andrew Murphy

      5 days ago

      Yea but it's easier for smaller displacement bikes to rev faster.

  15. Patrick Robinson

    Patrick Robinson

    9 days ago

    That is cheaper then a new Harley davidson cvo......58,000.00 out the door

  16. Charlie Chan

    Charlie Chan

    12 days ago

    Your gf looks hott lol

  17. Anthony Delatore

    Anthony Delatore

    13 days ago

    I used to work for Ducati/BMW when I lived in Houston, it was amazing.... Seeing these machines the H2R, R1M, and a lot more was such a nice thing to wake up to.

  18. David Herrera Rangel

    David Herrera Rangel

    13 days ago

    so the Most Technologically Advanced Motorcycle EVER is not electric, still burns a thing to move, yes that is really advanced

  19. Bimmer's and AR's

    Bimmer's and AR's

    14 days ago

    I need one

  20. ben k

    ben k

    14 days ago

    "AIRAPOVIC" wow who hires these guys.

  21. Chuck Solutions

    Chuck Solutions

    15 days ago

    I’m confused, Ducati was making radios in the 1940’s they didn’t make their first motorcycle until after World War Two. How do they have “100 years of winning races?”

  22. Samuel Peterson

    Samuel Peterson

    16 days ago

    So what you’re saying is to swap this bikes engine into a Miata

  23. YaBoi Frostyyy

    YaBoi Frostyyy

    16 days ago

    Love what you can get for 40k on a sport bike

  24. Alex van Heerden

    Alex van Heerden

    18 days ago

    Best cam diagram I've even seen



    19 days ago

    Ducati literally doesnt win the MotoGP tho?

  26. Alex Oprea

    Alex Oprea

    19 days ago

    Use electric valve ffs

  27. TheMrFishnDucks


    20 days ago

    Awesome motorbike. Nice video. Keep up the good work.

  28. Ryan Gallagher

    Ryan Gallagher

    21 day ago

    I have the lego version of this and I think thats the closest I'll get to having one 🤣

  29. αὐλός


    23 days ago

    i love this bike, but it sounds like a fucking lawnmower

  30. Allans Aviation line mtc living & other stuff

    Allans Aviation line mtc living & other stuff

    24 days ago

    I love bikes too and this thing is awesome but no way in hell it’s worth 40 grand

  31. Fazly Denzely

    Fazly Denzely

    25 days ago


  32. Matthew Tucknott

    Matthew Tucknott

    26 days ago

    I mean, this is great, but it doesnt really go that in-depth as to why this bike is so expensive. I;m pretty sure there are some exotic materials used for the enigne internals and some very labour-intensive production methods as well.

  33. Rod Clark

    Rod Clark

    26 days ago

    Did you ride the thang, did you ride it good.

  34. Richard Salazar

    Richard Salazar

    26 days ago

    Dosnt VW own Ducati?

  35. Ruben Otero

    Ruben Otero

    27 days ago

    I was working on rebuilding the engine on my 2500 dollar 84 nighthawk at a friends shop and he brought in a guy getting a custom exhaust on one of these, JUST the exhaust was 5k, I almost shit my pants when I bumped into it

  36. misutatomasu


    28 days ago

    It is perfect for it's purpose but too bad it sounds like shit though. Nothing like a screaming inline engine.

  37. G lim

    G lim

    28 days ago

    Revzilla has speed tested this with an old suzuki and it lost. 🤣

  38. Scott Carl

    Scott Carl

    29 days ago

    I'm a fan of the MV Augusta f4r myself.

  39. J Money

    J Money

    29 days ago

    Jerry's first video had to come back and reminisce

  40. Colby Collins

    Colby Collins

    29 days ago

    I’m sure you can get a Harley MSRP higher than 40,000

  41. Orozconleche


    29 days ago

    Now I want a Duccati

  42. Cornish_ Boy

    Cornish_ Boy

    Month ago

    Sorry how did you say Akrapovic? Lol listening to car guys talk about bikes is always funny.

  43. Grey


    Month ago

    If I won this bike for free I would only be able to ride it until it needed its 1st Dezmo Maintenance..... even if you can afford it you better bring lube because it's going to hurt either way...... God I wish I was rich. I'd own one of these and a Ducati Diavel 1260S... and be one very happy mfer. I'll have to stick to my Yamaha MT10 until my Doge Coins blow up and I get rich.



    Month ago

    It's funny that 40k for a bike seems expensive but really a $20k bike can hang with million dollar cars

  45. jeffrey clayton

    jeffrey clayton

    Month ago

    Just read about magnetically actuated valves that allows variable timing and duration, eliminating cams timing chains and lots of associated weight and friction loss along with the programmable valve timing. Always been a Ducati fan but don’t let tradition stop you from pursuing perfection.

  46. Choirboyjr11


    Month ago

    Still waiting on the Donut Moto ACURA channel.

  47. Sphyxx


    Month ago

    People should just stop lying about conrays and stop taking their whatever 20 bucks they give to say good things about them

  48. Jordan Erickson

    Jordan Erickson

    Month ago

    Still gets slapped by a K5 GSR-1000 lol.

  49. DEVARAJU G S 4UB18ME009


    Month ago

    6:40 how the titanium exhaust increases the horse power more than the rated horsepower

  50. IV VI

    IV VI

    Month ago

    Outro song pls

  51. J41 arts , motos, drone passion and land works

    J41 arts , motos, drone passion and land works

    Month ago

    best bike ever

  52. BMX Steez

    BMX Steez

    Month ago

    My friends dad has that exact bike

  53. Saurabh Singh

    Saurabh Singh

    Month ago

    something worth making love to....

  54. Aditya chowda

    Aditya chowda

    Month ago

    Ducati P V4R : I am most technologically advanced. I'm fast !! Ninja H2 R : Hold my beer 🍺

  55. Kkahdn Shsndjd

    Kkahdn Shsndjd

    Month ago

    Still lost to gsxr 2005

  56. enter a name here

    enter a name here

    Month ago

    You should do a diavel video, and how they made a better cruiser than Harley. Don't know much about Harleys, but I do know that they have only gone down in quality since the pan and shovelheads

  57. John Weir

    John Weir

    Month ago

    What makes this bike brake and handle so well? Donut: "clearly name brands, brembo and Öhlins" Ok, what's so special about them...? Donut: "using patented name-branding technology, they're better" Great, thanks....

  58. Jax Pink

    Jax Pink

    Month ago


  59. D M

    D M

    Month ago

    I think the builders of the Y2K would laugh at this video's title.

  60. Virgin Dead Girl

    Virgin Dead Girl

    Month ago

    Need more motorcycle content C'mon donut Don't let Jeremiah down

  61. Steve Brown

    Steve Brown

    Month ago

    It's only 10 to 20 years, that Rossi's Yamaha produced 230bhp. Now you can have that at 234bhp, with the Akro exhaust. I've still got the original R1, which is a mere 150hp.

  62. Russ G

    Russ G

    Month ago

    Did you buy a new tire for them?

  63. GamingLover 2005

    GamingLover 2005

    Month ago

    Kawasaki H2R is even more expensive



    Month ago

    How about the Ducati Superleggera V4?

  65. Lajos Bakk

    Lajos Bakk

    Month ago

    I asked Motorrad 20 years ago why the Ducati not making V4 engine? And here it is...

  66. Leo Joyal

    Leo Joyal

    Month ago

    Do ninja h2

  67. DunePanda


    Month ago

  68. Manjunatha Prabhu

    Manjunatha Prabhu

    Month ago

    Why don't they use mask fitted GoPro now

  69. Wak


    Month ago

    do aprilia next!

  70. TRD185


    Month ago

    Revzilla put the regular V4 against an 05 GSXR and it lost haha

  71. Michael Frascati

    Michael Frascati

    Month ago

    He did that burnout and I swear I could smell rubber 🔥…!🤣😎😱🇺🇸 GoldwingMikeNY.

  72. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent

    Month ago

    I barely understood anything but I like the video

  73. ashok kumar

    ashok kumar

    Month ago

    Kawasaki Ninja H2R?

  74. ALX 76

    ALX 76

    Month ago

    pls keep making motorcycle B2B and up to speed🏍🤩

  75. Nightmare43009


    Month ago

    More motorcycle videos. More motorcycle videos. More motorcycle videos.

  76. flanker


    Month ago

    Yeah, Ducatis are fast. For the first 100KM after you buy one. Then, the engine explodes and you have to spend the money you paid for the bike to get it repaired.

  77. daniel lang

    daniel lang

    Month ago

    100 years?

  78. Kaiden Paolino

    Kaiden Paolino

    Month ago

    dear god 😛 |

  79. gorge washington

    gorge washington

    Month ago

    7:21 nope they dont use the same design you proof it by yourself by showing ud the photo

  80. Dane Clark

    Dane Clark

    Month ago

    anyone else get batman vibes from the head on view

  81. Swayamshu Datta

    Swayamshu Datta

    Month ago

    Note :- It's 238 horsepower

  82. RCR Brewster

    RCR Brewster

    Month ago

    Blah blah till 2:12 ..... 👍 You're Welcome

  83. LVNDRV


    2 months ago

    That moment when your kawa revs to 20k rpm 🤣

  84. Eddie Otero

    Eddie Otero

    2 months ago

    I'm starting to like this kid... Even more so now I know he's a squid like me...lmao... Careful riding Jerry

  85. Ruturaj Chavan

    Ruturaj Chavan

    2 months ago

    Kawasaki H2R : is that a worthy opponent

  86. Ezwan Rohman

    Ezwan Rohman

    2 months ago

    coming back to this video and seeing how far Jeremiah has come

  87. ian wisniewski

    ian wisniewski

    2 months ago

    The magnificent handsaw weekly fence because sock socially love circa a wide sack. silent, thirsty quince

  88. Dirtkicker 92

    Dirtkicker 92

    2 months ago

    Only 180? I’m gonna go buy 2 h2s for that price and go 200 mph

  89. Rory R.

    Rory R.

    2 months ago

    2:31 nice strong bad reference

  90. Carlyshey


    2 months ago

    There is the Kawasaki h2 R which costs about 50k

  91. Jj Fatts

    Jj Fatts

    2 months ago

    This was a very nice ad.

  92. Adrianna Curtis

    Adrianna Curtis

    2 months ago

    The drunk channel normally chew because servant iteratively cause vice a tremendous grasshopper. abounding, disillusioned drum

  93. Y2daT420


    2 months ago

    40K bike .. $ 200.00 will buy a nice full face helement online. featuring inner tinted lense like a fighter pilot. and a cheek and ear pad that you pump up like a pump up basketball sneaker.. so you easily deflate it for removal and putting on the helmet.. ( the pump is infront of you chin area. so its easy to pinch the bottom front of the helment and use your thumb to operate the pump.

  94. Henrik


    2 months ago

    Did he literally just said "arapovik race exhaust"? Why dissing my religion, why misspeaking the one and only akra

  95. hellfire08


    2 months ago

    And it got smoked by a 15 year old gixxer named “Dave” 😆

  96. basstard13


    2 months ago

    The Lancia Delta never raced group B. That was the Delta S4 which is a totally different animal.

  97. Kara Anderson

    Kara Anderson

    2 months ago

    I'd buy two f150's

  98. StreetYoga


    2 months ago


  99. JPMotorhead1993


    2 months ago

    That derpy cam lobe🤣

  100. Sakura Valley

    Sakura Valley

    2 months ago

    Anyone else part of a desmo club?