This is Why There Aren't Diesel Motorcycles

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I love cars, but I really love motorcycles. Driving a fast car can feel like flying a jet. But a fast bike, that feels like flying with a cape. I’ve spent a huge part of my life on two wheels. I’ve sacrificed time, money, friendships, even my own body to bikes. But after all that, I’ve never ridden - or even seen - a diesel motorcycle. And that got me curious: Why aren’t there any diesel motorcycles? Well, we’re about to find out!

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  1. Fabio M.

    Fabio M.

    Hour ago

    Diesel engines: big, heavy, vibrate, low revs. Harleys: hold my beer.

  2. Serious Andy

    Serious Andy

    Hour ago

    I like this guy

  3. drenski1


    Hour ago

    Military has diesel off road motorcycles.

  4. Tukangiseng


    2 hours ago

    you could stop at a mcdonalds or whatever fried food vendor, and ask for their oil :))

  5. Robert Tilden

    Robert Tilden

    4 hours ago

    Diesel is on some model planes. Can be light especially with fuel additives like nitromethane.

  6. Robert Tilden

    Robert Tilden

    4 hours ago

    I want turbine electric MC. Turbine generator motor. U get the idea.

  7. Clown


    5 hours ago

    When I was little, I know there is a " diesel conversion kit" for bicycle. A two cycle small engine, adopted to convert a bicycle from pedal only into a motorized or pedal option. I can't really remember right, but, the brand was TAZ? Very noisy and loud on the road. The year was about 1967 to 1977, if I remember it right.

  8. noolu


    10 hours ago

    Royal Enfield Taurus is a production model which is now not being made. However, it did have it's fan following..

  9. Juan David Ortiz-Romero

    Juan David Ortiz-Romero

    10 hours ago

    is there a donut motorcycles?

  10. Steve Brooks

    Steve Brooks

    14 hours ago

    diesels vibrate and that causes a problem. has enyone not seen a Harly shake?

  11. Teddy Brewer

    Teddy Brewer

    16 hours ago

    One more difference not mentioned is that hp is different 50hp diesel is stronger than 50hp gas engine, because gas is intermittent power diesel is steady power.

  12. D weaver

    D weaver

    16 hours ago

    WHERE in the USA is diesel fuel cheaper than gas? NOWHERE. It is usually at least .50 more per gal Why can't they make diesel three-wheeler motorcycles? That could accommodate all the things needed

  13. Bob Webster

    Bob Webster

    17 hours ago

    Very good discription of why no diesel motorcycles.

  14. simon gilbert

    simon gilbert

    18 hours ago

    diesel engines have more parts not less ;

  15. Aju rosh

    Aju rosh

    20 hours ago

    There are diesel motorcycle from royal efield bullet in 90s

  16. Neal - Stewart

    Neal - Stewart

    20 hours ago

    2 stroke deisels oops long gone

  17. gearbender427


    20 hours ago

    I read that the US military had diesel dirt bikes.

  18. UnclearFizzyCyst


    21 hour ago

    I have a custom Henry Price Enfield with a 450 diesel, Enfield actually did produce the Taurus diesel.

  19. David Anderson

    David Anderson

    21 hour ago

    They have diesel motor cycles

  20. BunzeeBear


    23 hours ago

    You kept showing an upright engine and complained about size and vibration. What about horizontally opposed engine(like BMW) Vibration is cancelled and size is not a problem and weight is not a problem. No reason it has to be a V twin. Beamers are excellent touring motorcycles. There is room for a turbo on it too. Definitely need an extra long kick starter arm due to the high compression. Diesel engine also runs on Kerosene....or used cooking oil from MickeyD's.

  21. bitsnpieces11


    Day ago

    They have been making diesel motorcycles in India for some time and I believe still do to this day.

  22. Samuel Nick

    Samuel Nick

    Day ago

    why there is no bumper on motorcycles

  23. Aby Kuruvilla

    Aby Kuruvilla

    Day ago

    Royal Enfield used to sell Diesel cruiser bikes, that resembled Bullet but was named as something else. They were severely underpowered, bulky, pain in the ass to start.

  24. John King

    John King

    Day ago

    In Europe, Diesel costs more than petrol as the governments recover lost tax due to higher mpg.

  25. microcolonel


    Day ago

    Gas turbine bikes could burn it, I guess.

  26. microcolonel


    Day ago

    There's that guy who put an I6 diesel on a "motorcycle" with a hydrostatic drivetrain.

  27. John M

    John M

    Day ago

    Here in Ma, diesel is about $0.40 a gallon more expensive

  28. Chief Willy J

    Chief Willy J

    Day ago

    Look up Diesel Motorcycles... Many are home made..Although Kawasaki made one Then there is Dnepr

  29. [FCClan]The Stranger

    [FCClan]The Stranger

    Day ago

    A friend of mine used to ride. He first had a Harley. He said it was "ok" but, not the best one. He said that it "vibrated too much".

  30. mapleleaf4ever


    Day ago

    Thanks for answering a question I didn't know I had!

  31. taco cat

    taco cat

    Day ago

    broo they need to put dirtbikes and Motorcycles in forza

  32. Omkar


    Day ago

    Jeremiah has lived all of his adult life in the pandemic

  33. Icaros Savvides

    Icaros Savvides

    Day ago

    Sorry but aren't Harley Davidsons large heavy petrol (gas) engined, low revving motorcycles that vibrate a lot with low specific output?

  34. Locomotiveman 1994

    Locomotiveman 1994

    2 days ago

    So... What you're telling me, is, that a motorcycle like the infamous Panther Model 100, a single cylinder bike with a (surprise, surprise) 100cm stroke, build specifically to have low-end torque to efficiently work with sidecars would have been made even better with a diesel engine?

  35. ClaytonLivsey


    2 days ago

    I'd love to hear more about Diesel engines.

  36. Dave B

    Dave B

    2 days ago

    Diesel engines are everything a motorcycle rider doesn't want. They certainly aren't nimble or exciting.

  37. Rollin


    2 days ago

    Did he say crankshaft arms🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Football Thoughts

    Football Thoughts

    2 days ago

    Why no turbocharged bike?

  39. Ducking Duck

    Ducking Duck

    2 days ago

    Can I get a "This is why there are no rotary powered motorcycles"

  40. Jared Dup

    Jared Dup

    2 days ago

    Why not two stroke diesels then? Two stroke diesels have much better power to weight ratio. I've done some work in the marine industry and two stroke diesels aren't uncommon for this reason.

  41. Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor

    2 days ago

    How is a guy on a bike going to convince a tank crew to give him their fuel? It can run on tank fuel! What's the point if you can't get the fuel?

  42. Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor

    2 days ago

    What about a turbine engine? A turban would give constant power rather than pulsing power. Also, what about electric motors?

  43. Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor

    2 days ago

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  44. Ghost of Manitou

    Ghost of Manitou

    2 days ago

    It's a question I never asked but still interesting. It seems like an opposing twin would be the best configuration for a diesel bike to give room for the longer stroke and to keep the weight down low in the bike.

  45. Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor

    2 days ago

    That is a good question. There are Diesel airplanes, why not bikes?

  46. Sîdharth


    2 days ago

    Really prefer diesel but I wonder why diesel cars smell so much?

  47. bryce_the_quick


    2 days ago

    another thing to add about diesel engine longevity is that diesel fuel is more of a wet burn vs gasoline which is more of a dry burn

  48. IrnMaiden304


    3 days ago

    KLR650 did, Military had it, some got sold off to various PD's and collector's, something like 900 miles to one tank

  49. Planet Hedgehog

    Planet Hedgehog

    3 days ago

    12:46 "About 60" pounds more. Nope, graphic shows 22 pounds more.

  50. revex watches

    revex watches

    3 days ago

    in india royal enfield produced diesal bike and it was the king of milage wich you can around 100kmpl

  51. Jim Elliott

    Jim Elliott

    3 days ago

    Military had diesel KLR' they exist...other people have built them in history. Just not popular.

  52. Francesco Accomando

    Francesco Accomando

    3 days ago

    Ducati made the Diavel Diesel in limited number

  53. AL D

    AL D

    3 days ago

    You make everything fun. GJ.

  54. Samuel Wilcox

    Samuel Wilcox

    3 days ago

    Isnt there a military scoit bike made by Kawasaki that runs on diesel or jp8

  55. Not Saying

    Not Saying

    3 days ago

    Good documentary! Most interesting and well presented 👍

  56. Kyle Kubik

    Kyle Kubik

    3 days ago

    Ducati made the Monster based off of the 1100 EVO.

  57. sub if comment is worthy

    sub if comment is worthy

    3 days ago

    Suck squeeze bang blow ~donut 2021

  58. Brandon Moody

    Brandon Moody

    3 days ago

    I wear a donut hat and pin every day to work at one of the biggest motorcycle dealerships in the country lol we love to see it

  59. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo

    3 days ago

    Royal enfield made diesel bikes

  60. Mani Paul

    Mani Paul

    3 days ago

    I can think of at least 1 group of people that would love to be sitting right on top of that vibrating engine. And especially if someone would be revving the engine!!!

  61. Chainsaw Subtlety

    Chainsaw Subtlety

    3 days ago

    Diesel, cheaper than gas? Not in Amerika.

  62. SmellMy Finger

    SmellMy Finger

    3 days ago

    They did have diesel motorcycles!

  63. Cessna9417l


    3 days ago

    The MTT Y2K can run on diesel

  64. Justin Schweitzer

    Justin Schweitzer

    3 days ago

    MORE BIKE VIDEOS! LOVED IT, keep it up guys, great work!

  65. Brandon Hookey

    Brandon Hookey

    3 days ago

    Hold my beer. I’m about to TDI swap a Grom.

  66. JoeWolsing


    3 days ago

    Hm, there are Diesel motorcycles...

  67. A Johnson

    A Johnson

    4 days ago

    Damn...I actually understood that! Although, not all diesel engines work on just compression, many have a glow plug to help that combustion happen (particularly when it's cold). Now lets talk about Glow Combustion Sensors.... Anyway, I never thought about why there aren't diesel bikes, makes sense. Great stuff!

  68. BSM Racing

    BSM Racing

    4 days ago

    Please make a video explaining the difference between, gas, gasoline, petrol, petroleum and LPG (liquid petrol gas). I will go drink some water in the meanwhile, I cant throttle anymore.

  69. ScooterFXRS


    4 days ago

    L0L ... the V twin and thumpers are already a tractor with two wheels. Then with diesel you have EPA regulations.

  70. Dodge Check'em

    Dodge Check'em

    4 days ago

    I'm just glad I'm not the only one who fucks up words and says shit like "nords" instead of "noise".

  71. Alan Hart

    Alan Hart

    4 days ago

    That totally clarified it for me. Has the ever been a motorcycle with wankel type rotary engine?

  72. matej plecko

    matej plecko

    4 days ago


  73. MC Boomslang

    MC Boomslang

    4 days ago

    There are in India a Taurus 350

  74. Travis Gould

    Travis Gould

    4 days ago

    So, making a diesel motorcycle engine might work!! Though amazingly expensive!! Just gotta figure out how to extract more cheaply.

  75. David T

    David T

    4 days ago

    There is a diesel motorcycle. Has a 6 gallon tank gets100 miles to the gallon. United States military had it made it was a Kawasaki. Pretty badass bike. 😎

  76. DSG


    4 days ago

    Electric Bike ? Elon says tesla won't make one because he nearly died on a bike when he was 17. But does it make sense to make one?

  77. David Beachel

    David Beachel

    4 days ago

    Too immature for me.

  78. GromTear


    4 days ago

    Who edited this😂😭🙏🏽🥰

  79. Zorktx Andnand

    Zorktx Andnand

    4 days ago

    The thing that made Diesels popular in cars was the turbo. this was the game changer that transformed diesels from slow cars that struggled to reach highway speeds in to cars that could easily keep up with Petrol cars. on a motorcycle a turbo is however a whole new can of worms, as it is quite difficult to find room for all the extra plumbing, coolers etc. There is a good reason why in the 80's a few brands had a try at making a turbo bike, and they all stopped. Also on a bike turbo lag is a lot more unwelcome than in a car (turbo boost somewhere in this corner). So easy to see the problem with a turbo Diesel bike. Mind you, I think the Trek had a turbo Diesel from a smart car if I am not mistaken. But is was a big heavy and expensive bike.

  80. Maninder Singh

    Maninder Singh

    5 days ago

    India we used to have only one motorcycle based on royal Enfield bullet frame Greaves single cylinder diesel engine in production around ten years ago but now it's not

  81. Shantz Collymore

    Shantz Collymore

    5 days ago Scotty Kilmer reviewed a diesel motorcycle not that long ago.

  82. Adnan Pribadi

    Adnan Pribadi

    5 days ago

    Wait till uncle jer found out gasoline 110cc motor cycle already reach 120+ mpg (50km/l). Such efficiency from asia.

  83. Jānis Vinters

    Jānis Vinters

    5 days ago

    Actually there was and is few what uses Diesel engines as well as rotary engine motorcycles.. bet that's another story...

  84. Dennis Schmidt

    Dennis Schmidt

    5 days ago

    We had diesel motorcycles in the Army back in the 90's , we also had some multi-fuel snowmobiles wich used diesel as a recommended recommended fuel

  85. Arturo Estenoz

    Arturo Estenoz

    5 days ago

    Great explanation

  86. Attes


    5 days ago

    No way your born in 2001?!

  87. R I

    R I

    5 days ago

    I saw 2 or 3 times in Buenos Aires a Royal Enfield DIESEL, I think It was made in India. Pretty bike, and pretty slow too, but ran like a charm

    • R I

      R I

      5 days ago

      OK, the Royal Enfield Taurus was made until 2000

  88. Chris 5k

    Chris 5k

    5 days ago

    What you're born in 2001??! You're a kid😄

  89. Comm0ut


    6 days ago

    Diesel bikes are pretty much a waste of except in places like India where they were sometimes produced. The sole reason for military diesel motorcycles (also a waste because they fail to be quads which means no cargo capacity or ability to tow or ability to evacuate wounded troops with a wounded rider) was the Common Fuel Concept which got rid of (extremely dangerous in combat and a monumental logistic asspain) having to supply Mogas to expeditionary units.

  90. Bruno Silva

    Bruno Silva

    6 days ago

    Didn't understand a thing. Like normal people, I use metric system.

  91. Prudhveswar Nagaram

    Prudhveswar Nagaram

    6 days ago

    My father used to own a Royal Enfield Tauras here in India. Although it's pretty slow ,it was a fun to drive motorcycle.

  92. Ti ti

    Ti ti

    6 days ago

    You're only a year older than me? What

  93. Vijay


    6 days ago

    Pls check the Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel 350 cc that was sold in India

  94. Ash Pal

    Ash Pal

    6 days ago

    Our family had a diesel motorcycle made by a local manufacturer. The motorcycle was very heavy and could be started by pumping the engine 10, 15 times by kick. It had a great mileage. But during winters, it just wouldn’t start.

  95. Zoker501


    6 days ago

    Neander 1400 is a 1.4L Turbodiesel bike. 165Nm, 92HP. Commonrail FI.

  96. Logan Westbrook

    Logan Westbrook

    6 days ago

    Love your simplification of complex vehicle systems and such. Almost everything I know about engines I learned from you. Thanks!

  97. jerryleethe1


    6 days ago

    Hayes M1030 Military Diesel Motorcycle Royal infield made one for years still do

  98. jerryleethe1


    6 days ago

    There are Diesel motorcycles. Way under powered. Yet there out there Usmc had a few.

  99. Bob Snyder

    Bob Snyder

    6 days ago

    MORE Bike stuff !!!