Visiting the COLDEST CITY in the World (-71°C, -96°F) YAKUTSK / YAKUTIA

I'm in the coldest city on the planet; Yakutsk, which is in Yakutia / Siberia / Russia. The lowest air temperature ever recorded here is -96°F (71°C)
(SECOND VIDEO) 8 Crazy Ice Experiments at -55°C, -67°F
Coldest town is Oymyakon, which is also in Yakutia, Siberia. This region is also called Sakha Republic and it is affiliated to Russia.

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You might have heard that Minnesota, Michigan or North Dakota are very cold in the Winter. But Yakutsk is a whole another story. This is not Alaska too.

Lately, I’ve been watching solo camping in winter videos and I encourage Xander Budnick, Mav, Steve Wallis, Wargeh Bushcraft, Upnorthof60, Asbjorn Olsen-Berg Bushcraft channels to come to Yakutsk in Winter and make a camping survival video.

Here are the links to my favorites:
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Truck Camping in -19 degrees
Ice Camping for the Biggest Trout of my Life
U-Haul Stealth Camping In -35 Degrees
Tent Inside Tent Winter Camping

But they should be aware of blizzards, snow storms and heavy rains.
Winter camping is hard here, even harder than the cold weather of Ontario, Canada.
A night camping in the middle of a blizzard is no joke, so does ice camping. Luckily there are a lot of fish to catch in extreme cold temperatures.

Flight from Los Angeles to Yakutsk is about 30 hours and one way ticket costs around 1000 American Dollars. There were no flights from New York City in the Winter. Fortunately hotel fares were cheap and affordable in Siberia.

Second episode of Rediscovery will be coming very soon.
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  1. Patriot


    27 minutes ago

    I wonder how will I survive there as a person from a tropical country living in the comforts of average 26-28 celcius 🤣

  2. Song Yo

    Song Yo

    32 minutes ago

    I heard they were shitting ice there.

  3. Ravi


    40 minutes ago

    Background no painting 🎨. Good. Post.....

  4. Basil Aby

    Basil Aby

    Hour ago

    Informative video👍

  5. Kelvin Pratama Putra

    Kelvin Pratama Putra

    Hour ago

    Uhigh are u here?



    2 hours ago

    Simply awe--some. We crib for little temperature differences in our very ordinary climates. And, here, lies true inspiration in deadening cold. In colds not known to the best of our freezing devices. Kudos. Cenet, man, respect for covering this. Love and wishes.

  7. abdillahi nuux

    abdillahi nuux

    2 hours ago

    Where I recently life 46 degree Khartoum city

  8. williamina vanbottle

    williamina vanbottle

    2 hours ago

    "Nature" The true reality. There is only nature.

  9. MrMadGreko


    3 hours ago Greek Flag covered with snow somewhere in Russia. 👍

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  11. Kellogg Corn

    Kellogg Corn

    3 hours ago

    I wonder if polar bears can survive in this place?

  12. amir izzudin

    amir izzudin

    3 hours ago

    Datang sini kerana story uhigh



    3 hours ago

    POV: u guys come here because of uhigh

  14. Smart Kids by Pherl

    Smart Kids by Pherl

    4 hours ago

    No need to buy refrigerator.

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    พวก แปดริ้ว

    4 hours ago

    FC. from Thailand

  16. inginer


    5 hours ago

    Yalnız ingilzcen berbat (aksan olarak)

  17. Sabareesh


    5 hours ago

    Winter is here.....The night king would love this city...

  18. Samayo Lantaka

    Samayo Lantaka

    6 hours ago

    The belief that one shouldn’t make noises in the woods. My ancestors believe in that too

  19. Samayo Lantaka

    Samayo Lantaka

    6 hours ago

    The young woman said -41C is fine ..what…?

  20. Samayo Lantaka

    Samayo Lantaka

    6 hours ago

    Thanks for this educational video.

  21. Thamiri Vonjaahri

    Thamiri Vonjaahri

    6 hours ago

    Only time I ever experienced -60 degrees Celsius was back when we used to do a part time jobs after High school in industrial grade freezer and damn was dat one chilly experience. When we went out of the freezer, even normaly cool 14 degrees felt like a Venusian heat wave.

  22. Me_is Zan

    Me_is Zan

    7 hours ago

    Let it go...Let it go, ...,where is Anna..? Lol

  23. YouBirth


    8 hours ago

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    Nass Lah

    11 hours ago

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    ELly Cat

    11 hours ago

    Why live there?

  26. Dar Yasmine Langkawi

    Dar Yasmine Langkawi

    12 hours ago

    Cool channels.. have a nice trip



    12 hours ago

    Uhek mana uhek

  28. Teresa H.

    Teresa H.

    12 hours ago

    WTF....and why!?...Siberia is not for any human or creature to constantly have to be aware of your surroundings, worry about your phones and cars...always making sure your kids understand weather habits. Not worth it.

  29. Yeng Morales

    Yeng Morales

    13 hours ago

    Nice content Love it thank you 😊

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    Art Vista

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    He is probably in NARNIYA 😬

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    Gary Walia

    14 hours ago

    Great interview and lovely host

  32. ri fai

    ri fai

    14 hours ago

    I almost can't stand when the winter reach -20c here in korea (i came from tropical country) Can't imagine how it felt there

  33. Kingsley Shacklebolt

    Kingsley Shacklebolt

    14 hours ago

    That's just about uninhabitable

  34. Jeffery Free

    Jeffery Free

    15 hours ago

    Thanks uhigh for this one..just chilling

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    Dhiya Ulhaq

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    Daffa Fadhila

    16 hours ago

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    Arsenal Girl

    18 hours ago

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    Lalit Verma

    19 hours ago

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    Faith T Chivandire

    20 hours ago

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  41. mr_powder addict

    mr_powder addict

    20 hours ago

    Minus 37 in norway. All my stuff frozen instantly. Let alone -50.

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    Fred blah blah.

    20 hours ago

    Who are the boys at the end? They look so strangely sick and almost like clones!

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    21 hour ago

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    Nitin Kapoor

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  46. Colonel’s Space

    Colonel’s Space

    Day ago

    This video is so great, it’s actually wholesome. I love the heart of the lady you interviewed.

  47. Enrique L. Chavez

    Enrique L. Chavez

    Day ago

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    Kawshik Ahamed

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    Daniel Velçioti

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    Daniel Velçioti

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    Sam Paper Art

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    Sam Paper Art

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  54. Muhammad Zain

    Muhammad Zain

    Day ago

    my smartphone device will not overheating when playing high performance mobile games at this place. Especially PUBG, COD, GENGSHIN IMPACT and so on.

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    NK BrAnD YT

    Day ago

    respect this man❤️

  56. Zanerick Gaming

    Zanerick Gaming

    Day ago

    People here are poor because they dont have aircon .

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    Martha Brink

    Day ago

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    Roselledianne Rojas

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    SamMon Ad

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    mass effect

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    melvin thomas

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    • Anıl Kaya

      Anıl Kaya

      Day ago

      They cannot use electric vehicles. Batteries do not work efficiently in the cold

  62. Theja Puro

    Theja Puro

    Day ago

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    Dave H

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  64. Dinslax


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    Carol Crowley

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    Antonio Tavanti

    Day ago

    Everything the young woman says and the way she engages in conversation is just right.

  70. Hmmm ?

    Hmmm ?

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  71. ohamustafa


    Day ago

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    • ohamustafa


      22 hours ago

      @Anıl Kaya gelmeye başladık işte baksana

    • Anıl Kaya

      Anıl Kaya

      Day ago

      Türkiyede Türkçe olan orjinal kanal varken buraya gelen çok olmaz

  72. Jasim Ljaljevic

    Jasim Ljaljevic

    Day ago

    I hope in the future Will visit Oymyakon. This is my wish. So nice ppl and nature 😊

  73. Amy Genaille

    Amy Genaille

    Day ago

    See how simple people get and think nothing can harm them, the nerve if it does. They probably got told to leave their mitts and scarves and everything on outside. She goes and takes her mitts off for only a few minutes now she's crying with frostbite. Smh. Why do people do that kinda thing and just lose their common sense.

  74. Me & EJChezz

    Me & EJChezz

    Day ago

    Just a thought ..... MOVE TO A F'KIN WARMER PLACE.

  75. iCe


    2 days ago

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      Crystal PLAYS

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    Teresa Jadia

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    2 days ago

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  85. saddest person on the earth

    saddest person on the earth

    2 days ago

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  86. Chickedee


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  87. Vanillax


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  89. Look At This

    Look At This

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      Look At This

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      Look At This

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      Crystal PLAYS

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    irfan jiwa

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