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  1. Scotty Kilmer

    Scotty Kilmer

    Year ago

    👉Be the First to Get Notified When My New App Launches ▶ This Makes Me Want to Quit Being a Mechanic: ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool: 3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool: 4. Cheap Scan Tool: 5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: 6. Professional Socket Set: 7. Ratcheting Wrench Set: 8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 9. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: 3. Camera Microphone: 4. Camera Tripod: 5. My computer for editing / uploading: 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

    • Mehmet Bektas

      Mehmet Bektas

      16 hours ago

      Thank you @Scotty, God bless you I hope you don’t mind my curiosity, why do you You Wear sunglasses inside?

    • The Wraith

      The Wraith

      Month ago

      @poor man Scotty must have had a few drinks, didn’t realize it was on AC. Lol..must be nice being a little high in the sky. Hey beam me up Scotty.

    • Abe Walkner

      Abe Walkner

      Month ago

      @Shiloh Alex Testing it out right now. Seems good so far :)

    • Shiloh Alex

      Shiloh Alex

      Month ago

      I dont know if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it

    • DC Roblox

      DC Roblox

      Month ago

      Yes indeed

  2. mo farah

    mo farah

    5 days ago


  3. Laurie Ann Rodriguez

    Laurie Ann Rodriguez

    7 days ago


  4. Laurie Ann Rodriguez

    Laurie Ann Rodriguez

    7 days ago

    Thank you Scotty!

  5. Gerry McIntosh

    Gerry McIntosh

    11 days ago

    Hey! If Scotty can’t fix it, it ain’t broke. 😎

  6. Anthony


    13 days ago

    What about a 2014 mdx are they good ?

  7. Mitchell Mercadante

    Mitchell Mercadante

    15 days ago

    Is Scotty certified Honda and Acura master technician. That is actually very common on the RDX is the HFL unit. Hands-free link system disconnect that module which is right above the dome lights and sunglass holder. And I guarantee you that parasitic draw would go away. When we have customers come in with cars like this the part alone is $1300 just to replace.

  8. H A

    H A

    16 days ago

    I have a 2011 RDX Turbo, and I am having all sorts of electrical issues and errors popping up and then disappearing. I changed my battery two years ago and now my battery has drained, might need a new one. Car is driving me crazy

  9. Polat Alemdar

    Polat Alemdar

    16 days ago

    Rdx is good car just buy the 3.5 V6 engine. Not the turbo one.

  10. Daniel McClorey

    Daniel McClorey

    19 days ago

    What about the 2012 Acura TSX, any problems with that?

  11. fahren299


    22 days ago

    I had this problem in a Honda Element. Turned out a switch in the AC unit was stuck in the ON position.

  12. Roy Arroyo

    Roy Arroyo

    22 days ago

    I have an 2015 rdx and it hasn’t gone bad on me I’m also the owner of an 2017 ilx no problems either

  13. John Boccuzzi

    John Boccuzzi

    23 days ago

    I Sing The Body Electric

  14. Akash Tanwar

    Akash Tanwar

    25 days ago

    Had an old ML 350. That haunted car. Magically, the heater blower would come on by itself when ignition turned off.

  15. john norman

    john norman

    26 days ago

    Bluetooth module

  16. Dark hunter 225

    Dark hunter 225

    28 days ago

    He’s no licensed mechanic

  17. Luis Fernandez

    Luis Fernandez

    29 days ago

    We have a 2007 RDX with 200k miles, the car started having the same problem, battery would drain after not driving the car for a few days. After several mechanic visits, we removed the hand free link module and the battery didn't drain anymore. Problem solved.

  18. ChookieP


    Month ago

    Hey you're right in CT ,would you look at my MDX I'm in Springfield?I have a running rich problem,but ONLY AFTER REPLACING THE MAP AND COOLANT SENSORS,it first it was misfires so I did tune up,cleared,after the sensors now It's rich..

    • MIKE Mayers

      MIKE Mayers

      Month ago

      He lives in TN

  19. ChookieP


    Month ago

    Will cars ECM tell on its self if it's buggy?lol

  20. john balantes

    john balantes

    Month ago

    My 2018 tlx has a lane keep assist and active cruise control problem dealer wants 1800 bucks for the camera behind my rear view I think it just needs to be cleaned still works fine every once a while

  21. Joe Foe from Buffalo

    Joe Foe from Buffalo

    Month ago

    Fyi it's the bluetooth module. Had the same problem and several Acura's unplugged it problem goes away 🖖

  22. Simple Concerned Citizen Journalist

    Simple Concerned Citizen Journalist

    Month ago

    Bluetooth Module, Handsfree or Navigation modules. Those Bluetooth modules go bad.. If its warm its bad. Sets no codes. Mine was draining my TSX battery.



    Month ago

    What year is this

  24. Michael Bezoski

    Michael Bezoski

    Month ago

    Being the old electrical fart that I am (1953 BD like someone else I know). Clamp on meter is indicating AC? All types of wiring can act like antennas with digital meters indicating small current flow or voltage. This is where I'd pull out the "analog" meter & put in series with battery (watch polarity of meter terminals in relation to battery terminals (series hook up)). Set meter to low setting & see if needle moves on the analog meter. Must have current flow, not induction, to move needle on analog meters. Retired electrician in old chemical plant. Have been bitten a few times by digital meters giving me false readings due to induction. Wires packed together in conduit (wiring harnesses too) even with power totally removed from process & grounded can indicate a "digital" reading. Great video Scotty thank you. I watch you every time I go on the prowl for vehicles. Loose cable, bad news. That will trash electrical equipment. Be safe, keep up the good work!

  25. Ankit Bhakta

    Ankit Bhakta

    Month ago

    Before even watching this video im gonna guess that it's the homelink. My 2006 Acura TL had the issue of the homelink draining the battery and not a single mechanic could figure it out. They even had me replace my alternator because they said that might be the problem. I looked it up on an acura forum and they suggested that this was a common problem.

  26. Dont Knowler

    Dont Knowler

    Month ago

    The green knob is the battery disconnector. You do not have to remove the terminal - just turn the green knob one way or the other, on-off mode.

    • Rich Dars

      Rich Dars

      2 days ago

      Lol yeah I'm shocked he didn't know that with all his years experience

  27. J St

    J St

    Month ago

    It’s the blue tooth module that’s draining the battery. Plenty of vids on ACURA

  28. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    Month ago

    Hi Scotty - same thing happened to my wife’s MDX. It’s the Hands Free Module. Simply unplug it It’s located at the back of the middle drivers console. Go in the back seat and pull off the back of the console and unplug it. No more drainage. To replace it it’s between $700- $1000. This should be a recall. Have a good day.

  29. modusop8


    2 months ago

    Scotty ive got a 99 RL that does the same damn thing ! i took the cheap fix just disconnect the terminal until I wanna drive it. The vehicle has 198,000 on it but it still runs like a bat outta hell and the body is solid not even as much as a dent. i dont know how much longer I will keep it but when I trade it in Its gonna be for a 2015 Acura TL . My question for you is what is better rear wheel or AWD

  30. go vo

    go vo

    2 months ago

    The Bluetooth module trying to connect

  31. Todd Bowen

    Todd Bowen

    2 months ago

    I've come across this on the Honda pilots a few times and Cadillac the problem is almost always in the radio.

  32. Donald Blomberg

    Donald Blomberg

    2 months ago

    Subaru’s are known for dead batteries.. mine is 1 1/2 years old..18,000 miles and I kept getting a dead battery..kept jumper cables in my trunk...had to install a new battery... Same thing with my last Subaru.

  33. Rama


    2 months ago

    What about a Acura tlx do they have a lot of problems?

  34. newton raymond

    newton raymond

    2 months ago

    Checking AC amps on a DC circuit? What gives?

  35. northy Land

    northy Land

    2 months ago

    As a former acura mechanic, I can tell you right now this guy is testing the system wrong... First he missed a loose battery terminal until 1/2 way thought the video. Secondly computer keeps monitoring the emission system for a few hours, until computer goes into sleep mode. He should have waited for a few hours., after fixing loose battery terminal. And he should have checked the if the Bluetooth was the problem by unplugging it. This guy is making fixing it way harder then it has to be.

  36. R Mccully

    R Mccully

    2 months ago

    My 04 CRV did this... turned out it was something inside starter. Replaced starter ; voila! fixed.

  37. AutoFixEZ


    2 months ago

    I Have owned a gen 2 MDX for many trouble free years @ over 240k miles now. (it’s on my you tube channel btw). Will be upgrading when the new generation arrives but will still keep my gen 2. @AutoFixEZ

  38. masskilla469


    2 months ago




    2 months ago

    Its the handsfree+bluetooth is a paracite battery eater...i detached my bluetooth a month ago and its not draining anymore😊 just adding some input here Scotty thanks!

  40. justin weaver

    justin weaver

    3 months ago

    I would pull off module connectors one at time and watch....

  41. Allen Sarkozy

    Allen Sarkozy

    3 months ago

    I had a 2007 Acura MDX that also had a parasitic drain that wiped out the battery after 2 days of not driving it, that model and year had a bad A/C relay and/or the cell phone hands free Bluetooth module were the culprits. I replaced the A/C relay and no more problem. A year after I sold it, the new owner called me up with the same problem, I told him to replace the hands free Bluetooth module in the back of the center console, he did and no more problem. I hate electrical Gremlins.

  42. Stan Tate

    Stan Tate

    3 months ago

    You probably have a bad ground or fusible link. My son's 2007 Acura had that.

  43. Stan Tate

    Stan Tate

    3 months ago

    Only lease expensive cars.

  44. Casey Van

    Casey Van

    3 months ago

    Yeah just buy one of those battery powered jump starters, and get some jumper cables. Charge it once in a while. But what do you think of Acura?

  45. RedFox


    3 months ago

    Do you have any positive comment on any vehicle , you look like expert chop shop

  46. John Steele

    John Steele

    3 months ago

    Its the bt HFL

  47. Calm Serenity

    Calm Serenity

    3 months ago

    Dont give bad advice. Totally good car you need to learn electrics and computers on cars.

  48. Joe electronic schematics for auto

    Joe electronic schematics for auto

    3 months ago

    You can't pull out fuses in computerized electronic modules and cars you will awaken them you cannot do that it was good 20 years ago not for today's technology

  49. 404TRUCKER


    3 months ago

    I had a 2000 Nissan sentra with that issue. After chasing it down for months, I found that it was the keyless entry module. It's a little box with wires coming out it, right below the steering column. Disconnect it or replace it, stopped my slow and intermittent battery drain.

  50. will s

    will s

    3 months ago

    Scotty shouldn’t the meter be set to DC. The meter shows AC.

  51. Reid Alexander

    Reid Alexander

    3 months ago

    Great job more videos please

  52. Slavik


    3 months ago

    which year is the car?

  53. Gary Besaw

    Gary Besaw

    3 months ago

    Hey Scotty I'm looking at buying a 2018-2019 RDX or MDX. Are they worth it or am I wasting my time? Thank you!

  54. César Antonio

    César Antonio

    3 months ago

    More likely is the Bluetooth module the 2004 yes has the same problem

  55. Israel Tega

    Israel Tega

    3 months ago

    Many thanks, Scotty

  56. Livmatrix


    3 months ago

    So you couldn’t fix it?

  57. misterrain837


    3 months ago

    Let me guess, buy a Toyota, right. 🙄

    • misterrain837


      3 months ago

      Also this is a 13 year old vehicle. How does this equal “Acura bad”?

  58. Sooth Sayer

    Sooth Sayer

    3 months ago

    Hi Scotty can you please disconnect the wireless bluetooth module and check again.....On 10 year old ACURA MDXs the bluetooth wireless partially shorts and causes the battery to completely drain..(Johnson controls was the MFG for the module)..the solution was to disconnect it...could the 10 year old RDX have the same bluetooth module>?

  59. Jim Lussier

    Jim Lussier

    4 months ago

    All japanese car have electric problem... small cable, bad connectors..

  60. Dejuan Thompson

    Dejuan Thompson

    4 months ago

    I have a 05 Acura MDX and my radio won't come on at all can you help me

  61. Che Garcia

    Che Garcia

    4 months ago

    Get a Toyota

  62. Terri Hoyt

    Terri Hoyt

    4 months ago

    An absolute COW,... haha made me laugh

  63. Yi-Chung Chen

    Yi-Chung Chen

    4 months ago

    BT/mic module enabled by itself. Unplug the module should be fine.

  64. Darryl Jones

    Darryl Jones

    5 months ago

    Yes protect Scotty at all cost..💪🏾✊🏾👍🏾

  65. Heelix Ranier

    Heelix Ranier

    5 months ago

    I don't remember how old this car was, but I wonder if those spikes are caused by things like "connected" services (you know, ones like OnStar for Chevy) that still operate when the car is off. I know on many newer cars, they have "Connected" services that may still operate while the car is off.

  66. reg


    5 months ago

    scotty is it worth taking a maintenance package on a 2020 rdx whiich on a lease ?

  67. virgobeauty101


    5 months ago

    It might be the hands-free Bluetooth I have a 09 Acura TL and I had to get it disconnected because It kept draining my battery so I took it to the dealer and got that sucker disconnected car works perfectly fine now

  68. lex marr

    lex marr

    5 months ago

    I had the same problem with my 2009 mdx before knowing what was causing the drainage the 1st time I took it to the dealer and they said that the acura link module aka Bluetooth needed replacing so I did, the 2nd time about a year later same problem they said I needed a new alternator so I did and now about 3 months after a new alternator my car would not start, luckily I got a jump and after 10min it started so I quickly went and got a new battery installed and it's been ok ever since, so I did some research and the problem was the acura link module is a bad design and acura knows about it but will never tell you, to fix the problem you will need to disconnect the module its very easy to due the module sits behind your center console, sit in the middle of your back seat and pull back were the heat comes out from, it will be pretty hard so you'll need to pull hard once thats off you'll see it it's a black box about 5" long 3" wide and 1" thick it should have a grey or black connector on right or left of the box with some wires just disconnect it and thats it , you just wont be able to use the Bluetooth no harm done, you might need to unscrew the box before you can disconnect it....

  69. Stay Positive

    Stay Positive

    5 months ago

    What a mess! I was thinking of getting an Acura down the road. Hopefully, this is not an issue with new models.

  70. Joe Powers

    Joe Powers

    5 months ago

    Would you rather get a 09 Lexus gs350 with 150k miles for 7500 or a 09 Acura TSX with 115k miles for 6500-6 as a daily?

  71. Robert C

    Robert C

    5 months ago

    Most likely Hands-free unit went bad. Actually keeps trying to reboot to connect. Revolving reads of ...rebooting. fail. rebooting. fail... Notorious on Acuras.

  72. WildWing 1955

    WildWing 1955

    5 months ago

    This is old. There was a parasitic drain with the 07 to 08 models with the hands free module. No longer a problem.

  73. Anthony San Lucas

    Anthony San Lucas

    5 months ago

    Regarding the first car, the Acura, I would disconnect the Bluetooth module to see if this stops the battery drain. I had the same issue in my 2007 MDX and it took me forever to figure it out. For some reason the Bluetooth module fails often and is the weakest point on the vehicle. I disconnected mine and bought an aftermarket solution. No more battery drains.

  74. Jace Official

    Jace Official

    5 months ago

    My 2007 Acura TL Type S was draining battery too. My fix was replacing the AC Relay. Apparently when they car was off it was still running.

  75. kevin cynical

    kevin cynical

    6 months ago

    What do you reccomend for my first car under 6k ? I was thinking a 2004-2007 Acura MDX or pretty much any Lexus Honda Toyota or Lexus 🤔

  76. Dejuan Thompson

    Dejuan Thompson

    6 months ago

    Do you have a contact card I need help

  77. Jayanimals


    6 months ago

    Hfl module sucks, known issue at the dealers for years....But yeah, keep going at those backyard mechanic like this Scotty boy, he'll spend 4h on a known issue to us Acura dealers 🤷‍♂️ wich we will fix in 15mins by unplugging the HFL module.

  78. Jennylyn's Arm Butt

    Jennylyn's Arm Butt

    6 months ago

    Try disconnecting the Bluetooth

  79. MrCrossaa21


    6 months ago

    Handsfree link

  80. zincink


    6 months ago

    somehow I have a blown head gasket & my hot rod Dad, who is also a mechanic around the same age as you, has been taking apart the engine piece by piece - I bought the car new & didn't get the tech package cause I know those things can go wonky over time. Otherwise it's a great car. So far I have had 2 batteries since 07 with almost daily NJ driving & a few years of NYC pothole dodging. Thanks for sharing your info. It is greatly appreciated.

  81. Carlos Jimenez

    Carlos Jimenez

    6 months ago

    Maybe it's need grounding

  82. Mike Ross

    Mike Ross

    6 months ago

    This is 1 car. This doesn’t accurately represent Acura as a company. My RDX has a ton of miles on it and it’s a 07’ runs like a dream. Ask most Acura owners. They keep buying Acura’s. There’s a reason for that.

    • Ricky Baez

      Ricky Baez

      6 months ago

      Really? Will you keep buying

  83. JC sanchez

    JC sanchez

    6 months ago

    🤔 AC amps on DC current. Something is shushi.

  84. jefflove1


    6 months ago

    its the hands free link or the bluetooth module

  85. Marvin Rivas

    Marvin Rivas

    6 months ago

    I kno nothing bout cars I’ve been looking at the Acura MDX 2011 how am I looking?!?! Is it reliable?!?! Ect

  86. Prince Young

    Prince Young

    6 months ago

    My handsfree link was disconnected when I brought my 2012 TL , I installed it & a month later it disconnects then reconnects randomly

    • raekwonyaeyo


      4 months ago

      Leave it disconnected

  87. Tigran Tashjian

    Tigran Tashjian

    7 months ago

    i know a common problem for these older acura’s is their bluetooth systems so if you just disconnect the bluetooth, then the drain will stop. i have an 07 mdx that would die if it sat a few days and the bluetooth module was draining the battery so it was disconnected and the problem went away

  88. keith11112005


    7 months ago

    2018 Acura MDX or 2021 toyota highlander?????? Which should I got for?? Looking for reliability. I have a 2016 volvo xc90 at 47000 miles and just went through my second set of brake pads and have computer issues once a year. Thanks

  89. Joseph Montanaro

    Joseph Montanaro

    7 months ago

    yes it is in the hands free link inside roof courtesy lamp by mirror

  90. Aloosh1990


    7 months ago

    Disconnect Bluetooth module it will work out without any problems

  91. Cd B

    Cd B

    7 months ago

    Sorry, disagree. Have a 2014 RDX and it's one of the best cars I've owned. Reliable, affordable and easy to maintain. Stick to your Toyota's chief!

  92. steven11354


    7 months ago

    Acuras have a documented problem with the hands-free link module where it will fail and drain the battery. That happen to me.

  93. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz

    7 months ago

    Scotty I'm thinking buy a acura ilx 2018 should I do it?

  94. Sean T

    Sean T

    7 months ago

    First time I see Scotty giving up on fixing something and just use the work around to disconnect the battery.

  95. Teresa Peabody

    Teresa Peabody

    7 months ago

    My GMC Sierra 2500 had a battery drain issue and I finally got a solar trickle charger, placed it on the dash, then park the truck facing south and now no problems. Worst part is, that if a battery goes dead too many times, it dies itself. It has not gone dead in years now, and latest batteries 3-4 years old, are still good. It takes two batteries and it was expensive changing them every 3 years like clockwork.

  96. C M

    C M

    7 months ago

    'Dont Buy an Acura' *just needs the bluetooth disconnected....most common acura issue ever*

  97. Edmund Chen

    Edmund Chen

    7 months ago

    My 07 rdx works fine except it is suffering from overboost

  98. Serious Joker

    Serious Joker

    7 months ago

    I need me a scan tool like that

  99. Free Tigray

    Free Tigray

    7 months ago

    Moral of the story. Buy a Toyota

  100. Nick


    7 months ago

    Yea it’s the hands free link my wife’s 07 tl had same issue I took it out no more problem