What Really Happened at West Coast Customs | Up to Speed

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When “regular people” think of custom cars, they think of West Coast Customs, thanks mainly to MTV’s early 2000s hit show, “Pimp My Ride.” Each week, West Coast Customs transformed beaters into cartoonish reflections of their owners’ personalities, brimming with wacky mods. Nearly 20 years later, West Coast Customs is still on TV, they’ve expanded around the globe, and they have their own roller coaster! How has a shop famous for installing monitors on every flat surface available remained relevant for so long? How did they get there in the first place? And why do so many celebrities turn to them for custom work? Join James Pumphrey for the lowdown on the world’s most famous auto shop, West Coast Customs.

Props to Guilherme Lopes (@_glopes on the gram) for the dope editing.

Thanks to Raghav Arumugam for the animations. Check his ACURA channel for more: www.youtube.com/ragsanimations

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  1. barry babbot

    barry babbot

    24 minutes ago

    I swear this guy's related to that gay dude from New Rockstars.

  2. ryker elwyn

    ryker elwyn

    11 hours ago

    Check out the video with the pink pimp my ride dodge mini van Restoration!!!!!!👽

  3. 99bimmer


    21 hour ago

    I'm sure that first chick got pimped more than just that



    22 hours ago

    This is supposed to be what happened to west coast customs. NOT PIMP MY RIDE

  5. Guglielmo Moggio

    Guglielmo Moggio

    23 hours ago

    That pink floyd time reference made my night 😂

  6. Jeff Chandler

    Jeff Chandler

    Day ago

    Lmao that shot of Zack😂😂😂😂

  7. Jake J

    Jake J

    Day ago

    do an up to speed on up to speed

  8. Peter 9th Avenue

    Peter 9th Avenue

    Day ago

    Cost of living is high. Marriage $20k plus wedding party, having a baby $12k at hospital. Baby care, $15k year. House $800k, cars $40k x 2.

  9. Oklahoma Overland

    Oklahoma Overland

    Day ago

    Wonder if Shaq still has his car from them.

  10. ChildishGambibo


    Day ago

    Ya'll gotta check out Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

  11. Andrew. L.

    Andrew. L.

    2 days ago

    Your attempts at being funny and cool are failing miserably.

  12. Abdullah Malik

    Abdullah Malik

    2 days ago

    Yall remember unique whips

  13. JOHNNYTv76


    2 days ago

    Chip Foose : Am I a joke to you?

  14. jetdr


    2 days ago

    crappy cars, crappy paint jobs! but with a coffee maker in the trunk... only people who liked this show, the poorly educated Californians.

  15. Kieth Holland

    Kieth Holland

    2 days ago

    Boring, FF to 5 min mark to get past the ads then prepare for a rambling, muttering, stuttering video of nothing

  16. Michal Laktiš

    Michal Laktiš

    3 days ago

    My whole childhood was a lie

  17. Jennie Brinker

    Jennie Brinker

    3 days ago

    Dude your level of depression can not be hidden

  18. Jay Mccormack

    Jay Mccormack

    4 days ago

    Everyone knows Shaq made all his money in college.

  19. Anthony Deuel

    Anthony Deuel

    4 days ago

    Joke is America

  20. james watkins

    james watkins

    4 days ago

    The juicy aluminum syntactically appreciate because canadian totally suspect alongside a whole beauty. outstanding, foregoing plot

  21. Vulgaris


    4 days ago

    You guy should do an episode on Overhauln' featuring the legend Chip Foose

  22. Konstantin P

    Konstantin P

    4 days ago

    Nice Naruto drop!

  23. Jyxser


    5 days ago

    Probably the exact same story with the show Overhaulin. All tv is fake af, even the news lol

  24. Raisen-kun


    5 days ago

    I remember this when i was a kid and compare it with shows like Overhault. At least the later did something who resemblance a car, on other other hand , Pimp my ride was a mess and make the cars looks like a clown car than anything else. But from a fact i know Overhault had some "fake" parts, but again , at least the cars that came out were cars, and most of them restored to the original condition.

  25. Vasil Hnatiuk

    Vasil Hnatiuk

    5 days ago

    Such fun transitions editing and graphics genius team!!!

  26. Kirton


    5 days ago

    Thanks for the nostalgia clegg nut 👍

  27. xdoof


    6 days ago

    Fun fact: my 6th grade teacher taught Kendrick lamar

  28. 123bigred


    6 days ago

    west coast customs is great way for rich people to blow off money, and a great way to start to go BROKE! He basically got famous for bullshiting people with that west coast customs show. I would never give him one penny. watch Scotty Kilmers channel

  29. Read MyComment

    Read MyComment

    6 days ago

    Brings back good memory, folks remember 'keys to VIP' series?

  30. Rob Hereth

    Rob Hereth

    6 days ago

    Way gyoo

  31. Suzuki Swift Sport

    Suzuki Swift Sport

    6 days ago

    I love it how the home dawg looks like my doge

  32. Johnny Pereira

    Johnny Pereira

    6 days ago

    Probably the coolest car WCC built is the Dodge Viper made to look like the Bravado Banshee for Rockstar Games to promote GTA 5!

  33. jay hess

    jay hess

    7 days ago

    Couldn’t get over how he kept mispronouncing wagyu.

  34. vincent lu

    vincent lu

    7 days ago

    It's pronounced WA-Gulit not way-gulit

  35. Leo C

    Leo C

    8 days ago

    I will tear through 2 baskets of in-n-out no problem and love it. Just ketchup,

  36. Reception SCI

    Reception SCI

    8 days ago

    got pimped...roll credits .....

  37. James Hoffman

    James Hoffman

    9 days ago

    Brought to you by carls jr...

  38. Michael KHAN JOHN

    Michael KHAN JOHN

    9 days ago

    what about overhaulin

  39. Iuliia Kotliar

    Iuliia Kotliar

    9 days ago

    because of the 'pimp my ride' as a kid i thought car tuning was only changing the visual stuff and not performance

  40. The Voices Told Me To Again

    The Voices Told Me To Again

    9 days ago

    Bro you might actually have a bit of acting potential. These little skits like Cousin Carl and the scene about the video games/movies, hilarious.

  41. L3TS_G3T_VI0L3NT


    9 days ago

    12:56 anyone gonna talk about how that is limp bizkit not papa roach



    10 days ago

    Cool mini-doc Too bad the subject was Lame

  43. Jacob


    10 days ago

    RockAuto is the place to get car parts cheap af

  44. Lars


    10 days ago

    i see that the donut editors are back on the stuff at work

  45. P.I True Crime Stories

    P.I True Crime Stories

    10 days ago

    They underpaid people their workers even after making so much profit that's disgusting even minimum wage is too low for what they make

  46. Hirsch nope

    Hirsch nope

    11 days ago

    Clumsy Carl needs to be taken out of the gene pool, soon as I heard him i stopped watching the video

  47. Jason Matthiesen

    Jason Matthiesen

    11 days ago

    You failed to mention the big collab With best buy

  48. Szabo Lacy

    Szabo Lacy

    11 days ago

    Naaa man , you just destroyed my childhood 😢. This was worse than someone telling me there's no Santa fucking Claus .

  49. Salim Abou Jaoude

    Salim Abou Jaoude

    11 days ago

    Even though we liked it back then bro , but now we're watching the D list 😉

  50. AP BaNdiT

    AP BaNdiT

    11 days ago

    I know this is kinda old but what’s the song at 7:40 ???

  51. FrankQC100


    11 days ago

    Do it for DALE #3

  52. Immanuel Bute

    Immanuel Bute

    12 days ago

    Great education bro

  53. Spectre


    12 days ago


  54. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin

    12 days ago

    No he didn't not he borrowed 5grand from to start west coast custom's

  55. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin

    12 days ago

    West coast custom's is still in business because he always dose Rolls-Royce ghost

  56. Geo BignTall

    Geo BignTall

    12 days ago

    At this rate Shaq could run for president and get more votess than Biden but he would still lose

  57. Geo BignTall

    Geo BignTall

    12 days ago

    I'm sorry I don't even know who will Illuminati / whatever is never seen him glad I haven't next

  58. Corey Stack

    Corey Stack

    12 days ago

    They added tvs to shit boxes

  59. Adam Kadmon

    Adam Kadmon

    12 days ago

    Kudos. 👍

  60. Eddie Jenne jr

    Eddie Jenne jr

    13 days ago

    So basically Ryan was treating his people like garbage somebody found out about it and took care of his dumb ass. Then his business went down. G go figure

  61. nexxusty


    15 days ago

    What's "Waygyu"? Learn how to pronounce things.

  62. Leslie Yao

    Leslie Yao

    15 days ago

    Do counting cars

  63. Dwayne D'souza

    Dwayne D'souza

    15 days ago

    Do a episode on Top Gear uk.

  64. John Fairclough

    John Fairclough

    16 days ago

    That is hilarious! You’ve made me want a waterfall jacuzzi in my car and 6 tiny TVs on the bumpers of my car so I can watch pimp my ride wherever I go! Crazy times 🤣 Good video man 👍🏼👍🏼

  65. Cody Durfee

    Cody Durfee

    16 days ago

    Your crazy Cycle thing, your Ripping of Demolition Ranch , ass hole!!!!!!

  66. northwest mechanic

    northwest mechanic

    16 days ago

    Pimp my ride had nothing but ricers.

    • xlncy


      12 days ago

      True dat

  67. danny smith

    danny smith

    17 days ago

    WCC is a straight joke. California can have that shit cause it's exactly where it belongs.

  68. Matt Unreally

    Matt Unreally

    17 days ago

    All "reality" shows were fake and always will be fake.

  69. armando anes

    armando anes

    18 days ago

    Just get to the point

  70. Andres Herrera

    Andres Herrera

    18 days ago

    When I saw that episode, where WCC fitted a tv on the bottom of a car, I stopped paying them any mind.

  71. Hebron Watson

    Hebron Watson

    19 days ago

    Thus was amazing. Excellent work, everyone!!!

  72. Oliver Kirschberg

    Oliver Kirschberg

    19 days ago


  73. Makeup Diva Mesha

    Makeup Diva Mesha

    19 days ago

    Bring pimp my ride backkk



    19 days ago

    I loved power block

  75. Mr. X

    Mr. X

    20 days ago


  76. Pedro Xeta

    Pedro Xeta

    21 day ago

    “It was scored by papa roach” nice touch

  77. Paul Aguirre

    Paul Aguirre

    21 day ago

    power block was the jammy jam

  78. christian decker

    christian decker

    21 day ago

    do the up to speed on powerblock nobody talks about that

  79. 44 Hawk

    44 Hawk

    21 day ago

    West Coast Customs, what happened? How about a couple of shots of what they want to do, a couple of shots of it in mid process, and suddenly it's finished and how cool it looks. Apparently nobody knows how to actually video them actually doing work.

  80. Cameron Branch

    Cameron Branch

    22 days ago

    You've just been pimp-rolled.

  81. Jerry Allred

    Jerry Allred

    22 days ago

    I heard they had a costly expansion into Germany, only to find out car modifications are illegal in that country lol

  82. daddyjankie


    22 days ago

    *Dumbest show ever*

  83. Ron Morgan

    Ron Morgan

    22 days ago

    pretty sure there are no retired dentists living in Burbank...

  84. Attention2Detail


    22 days ago

    Plot twist, this episode was secretly funded by West Coast Customs to remind people that West Coast Customs is still a thing.

  85. badger jamees

    badger jamees

    22 days ago

    Who cares,west coast customs is bs. That ryan made himself rich off paying his employees peanuts,what a dirtbag!

  86. Flo- Pride

    Flo- Pride

    22 days ago

    Wasn’t that Limp Bizkit? Not Papa Roach?

  87. deez nuts

    deez nuts

    23 days ago

    So many retired dentists

  88. AE86


    23 days ago


  89. Stephen S.

    Stephen S.

    23 days ago

    I fondly remember watching PMR back in the day. It was entertaining, but most of the mods were laughable and utterly ugly.

  90. gammaraider


    23 days ago

    Man I used to love this show, but some (most?) of those people were seriously screwed by MTV/WCC

  91. PV


    24 days ago

    Pimp My Ride was the absolute worst. The original Fast and The Furious did more for the scene than they ever could have... & that movie was technically inaccurate af. But thats just my opinion. There are tons of people out there who modify their cars to look great without touching the engine. Diffrent strokes I guess. ✌😐

  92. Crow Titanium

    Crow Titanium

    24 days ago

    A lot of the work was really shoddy, and the people involved with shooting and editing too clueless to hide it. I remember one car - I want to say it was a Cobra - with a trunk that wouldn't latch, and tires that rubbed the wheel wells.

  93. Daniel Simpson

    Daniel Simpson

    24 days ago

    Not gonna lie...I kinda get what you're saying as far as introducing people to the car world....but when I was a kid in the 90s I honestly hated wcc...maybe its just cuz I was brought up on classics and learned the fundamentals early but to me personally, they've always kinda been a joke Whole business model has always been "pile 4 tons of crap in a 2 ton bag and call it custom" Actually knew a guy that had a car done by wcc...ill admit it was kinda cool when they were done but he ended up paying for it twice because when he got the car back from wcc. They basically overloaded the car and didn't touch the engine or trans...so it couldn't handle the added weight and was slow af and handled like a boat falling off its trailer

  94. SRAVAN S


    24 days ago

    Louis Karen Hmmmm?

  95. Robert Baird

    Robert Baird

    24 days ago

    I'm sorry Mr. Uptospeed, (if that's your real name) but it seems someone wasn't overhauld? I could understand if you weren't American Muscle, I'd say TruckU in two guys garage with Sam Memmolo & Dave Bowman as my witnesses! For your omission of the worst car show, I'm going to ask Noland to give you a Hurts Donut on ACURA! Think of it as a Hurts Donut Media.

  96. James Cobble

    James Cobble

    25 days ago

    I love the S14 in the background

  97. Shonn Thomas

    Shonn Thomas

    25 days ago

    PUMP PUMP PUMPING DEM HEADLIGHTS!! James. You gotta make a full video of that.

  98. Michael L

    Michael L

    25 days ago

    good uck donut. last video and wont be getting a 29.98 dollar yotas taco t-shirt.

  99. Nauseous


    25 days ago

    I feel like i've just been lied to, I really thought the S14 was really behind you... the cut is deep, real deep.