Which Acura RDX is Right for YOU?

In this video, Steve goes over the differences in the Base RDX, the Technology, the A-Spec, and finally the Advanced. The RDX offers some truly great features in each trim, which one is your favorite? Be sure to swing by McGrath Acura of Westmont for any and all of your Acura needs.

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  1. AySjelow


    6 days ago

    What’s the engine break-in period for the 2021 RDX, 600 miles or 1000miles? Also, do you recommend oil change then or just wait for the maintenance minder? Thanks!

  2. Tanja Lurry

    Tanja Lurry

    15 days ago

    Great explanation! I’m thinking about buying one.

  3. Cookie Summers

    Cookie Summers

    17 days ago

    What’s the price of the advanced compared to aspect?

  4. Gary Schmidt

    Gary Schmidt

    Month ago

    I love my RDX Advanced, even the wheels are fine. Got a 2019 dealer demo/loaner for $41,00.00 with 3500 miles. Had to jump on it. Yes, should have the folding mirrors and the remote start included. No problems other than twice the center screen got stuck. Only happened when using the App and the key fob to start it too many times. Just disconnected the battery for a quick fix. Love the stereo, plays my ipod nano just fine. Tires seem to hold their pressure forever. Also love the surround camera. Yes it's a lot of money at MSRP but you get a lot compared to the Germans. Looks sharp too in silver with the espresso interior.

  5. Steven R.

    Steven R.

    Month ago

    The RDX Tech. Trim is the sweet spot.

  6. Joeven Yacub

    Joeven Yacub

    Month ago

    A spec or Type S

  7. Luis marcos

    Luis marcos

    Month ago

    Thanks for the video

  8. Eric H

    Eric H

    Month ago

    It’s hard to believe that an RDX is almost 50 grand. That is price creep at its best. At 40k this is an amazing vehicle. You have to have money to burn to spend 50 K which takes you into most of the German competitors. Nice SUV but not 50 K nice.

  9. Justin N

    Justin N

    Month ago

    I chose Tech package instead of A-Spec. I'm not a fan of racing stuff and plus the A-spec leather look so bad, like cheap leather.

  10. Phil Vie

    Phil Vie

    Month ago

    A SPEC is the one

  11. Jordy Caicedo

    Jordy Caicedo

    Month ago

    The camera of the advance model is blurry. The resolution is bad. Is this fixable?

  12. Wil Robertson

    Wil Robertson

    Month ago

    The base model works or the A spec works for me very nice vehicle.

  13. Jon Wright

    Jon Wright

    2 months ago

    A-spec all day looks mean with the black accents

  14. Gary Arnold

    Gary Arnold

    3 months ago

    Just my opinion: As an owner of a 2010 MDX Advance, what really sold me on both Acura and the Advance model was the adaptive sport suspension. Being very sensitive to motion, the adaptive sport suspension is something I'd never want to give up.

  15. THiS GuY JeFF

    THiS GuY JeFF

    3 months ago

    I love these cars! I have the PMC Edition #278

  16. ab cool

    ab cool

    4 months ago

    As being an Owner of 2021 RDX (Adv. Package) and has 2022 MDX(adv.package) on same household I pretty much love the car. But RDX: 1) missing power folding mirror 2) I am ready to pay hundreds on AcuraLink if they had dash cam built in. 3) remote engine start not included on adv.package also. These three except number 2 are pretty much on every car now , I didn’t ask earlier to seller about above questions because overall i was liking it and didn’t came into my mind. But when i got to home with it I really was disappointed with those features not in adv. package (one and only top packages on Acura)

  17. Dont'e Davis

    Dont'e Davis

    4 months ago

    Thank you! If I lived in Chicago I’d come look for you because I’ve been wondering what the difference was between he advanced and A spec! I’m going with A spec

  18. not4weak


    4 months ago

    What would be a good price otd?

  19. Calvin Sc

    Calvin Sc

    4 months ago

    So, does base trim offer no navigation?

    • S.L.A.M.scents /smell like a man

      S.L.A.M.scents /smell like a man

      2 months ago


  20. surferdude44444


    5 months ago

    Good vid. Couple extra points. Aspec does not come with a spare tire. It has a hand air pump and a patch kit. Good luck if you’re off road and out of cell service range. Plus it pipes fake engine revving sounds through the front speakers to give the sensation of a powerful engine. Not a deal breaker, but kind of unnecessary. All the engines are a kick ass four cylinder turbo no matter what trim you get. Advance (which I own) also has an extra layer of sound damping glass in the driver and front passenger windows. Veryyyyyyy quiet inside. Also rear camera has its own washer to keep the lens clear. Lastly..........get the SHAWD version which is available on all four trims. Super Handling All Wheel Drive (SHAWD). It’s only 2k more on all trims and an absolute must in all weather conditions. Don’t waste your money on the front wheel drive model.

    • john


      2 months ago

      That's interesting point I did not know about the extra layer of dampening glass. Might have to test drive an Advanced

    • S.L.A.M.scents /smell like a man

      S.L.A.M.scents /smell like a man

      2 months ago

      What’s wrong with the FWD model?

    • McGrath Acura of Westmont

      McGrath Acura of Westmont

      5 months ago

      Thanks for watching! All of these are great points!

  21. westcoastguy


    5 months ago

    Great video showing the differences. Thanks.

    • McGrath Acura of Westmont

      McGrath Acura of Westmont

      5 months ago

      Thanks for watching!

  22. Tommy Darracott

    Tommy Darracott

    5 months ago

    Great job, Thank you. MDX NOW 👍

    • Jay ASMR & more

      Jay ASMR & more

      4 months ago

      @McGrath Acura of Westmont the first generation rdx is what is going to be in my garage

    • McGrath Acura of Westmont

      McGrath Acura of Westmont

      5 months ago

      MDX review is coming soon!

  23. John Ferrier

    John Ferrier

    6 months ago

    As an owner of a 2021 RDX advanced package, the only appearance item I dislike are the wheels. I don’t want the boy racer wheels of the Aspec, but some polished aluminum wheels should be standard. I’d also like to see the power folding mirrors and the headlight washers that are on the Canadian elite package.

    • surferdude44444


      5 months ago

      I own an Advance also and I agree with everything you say. At least we have a rear camera washer that the other trims don’t😂. You have to admit though, the rig is LOADED with features.