Why Was the 90s' Biggest Porsche Tuner Killed By Gangsters?

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Iconic Porsche tuner Gemballa was the brainchild of German businessman Uwe Gemballa. His life ended tragically in 2010 and his aspiring-tuner son was left struggling to carry on his father’s legacy, because his own name now belonged to someone else. How crazy is this story? Well, there’s a vehicle full of homemade remote-controlled machine guns, so there's that.

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  1. FxDi


    6 hours ago

    My pop used to own a gemballa before we went broke, fun car ngl

  2. Voltair


    11 hours ago

    Ok, thanks you for dont saying where Radovan Krejčí was born :D

  3. Mike Tee

    Mike Tee

    13 hours ago

    Ya, seems pimp my ride squashed dudes retarded customers dreams. How dare a mini van have more monitors than my Porsche. I'm destined to be poor because I refuse to believe the pathetic shit fools waste money on.

  4. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez

    Day ago

    Those crooks are everywhere, they specialize in taking over and impersonating their victims names and business since the middle ages.

  5. Tuppoo94


    Day ago

    This Radovan Krejcir guy somehow looks remarkably ordinary and remarkably dangerous and terrifying at the same time.

  6. Trickmustang 1994

    Trickmustang 1994

    Day ago

    This was a very interesting video clip.

  7. FBI


    Day ago

    I feel bad for his son

  8. ArcticPanda


    2 days ago

    I can add a bit to this story, as its not 100% the full story. Radovan was my neighbor and I went to school with his son in South Africa. Lolly Jackson (strip club owner) also a neighbor a few doors down introduced Radovan to Uwe. There were supposed to be 5 or 6 cars loaded with cash to arrive but on the first one that came through...no money. Radovan thought he was being set up and had them both killed, with in weeks of each other.

  9. Drapák Max

    Drapák Max

    3 days ago

    Radovan Krejčíř is from my country Czech Republic. He is biggest mob of our country

  10. moomin troll

    moomin troll

    3 days ago

    You can bet a guy with numbers like that under his mattress has got internet in his jail cell!

  11. Adalberto Pacheco

    Adalberto Pacheco

    3 days ago

    …. Come on. Y’all know those aren’t the real prices of these cars. And that made me NOT want to watch this video. Please.

  12. Elrond McBong

    Elrond McBong

    3 days ago

    A fax machine in a porsche, the wet dream of every german bureaucrat.

  13. burt simmons

    burt simmons

    3 days ago

    I like this vid not going to click it tho bc he asked

  14. Worlds Worst Musician

    Worlds Worst Musician

    4 days ago

    Fascinating story.

  15. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar

    4 days ago

    Who cares

    • Rickyy


      3 days ago

      I do

  16. Tony Silliker

    Tony Silliker

    4 days ago

    There is a good chance that he was killed by Gangster's because that is the type of things that happen in the criminal world.. Like in the Carnivorous world you know.. This animal ate that animal ate the other animal..ect .ect ..ect......

  17. Nathan Long

    Nathan Long

    5 days ago

    I always wanted a gemballa.

  18. Jacob Rivera

    Jacob Rivera

    6 days ago

    Take a rare car (enzo) and make it even more of a race car and more rare and people get mad nowonder they shut down

  19. lezzbmm


    6 days ago

    holy shit i vaguely knew of gemballa bc of the mirage but i almost never hear abt gemballa and never knew abt this 90s shit wild

    • lezzbmm


      6 days ago

      or the 80s shit

  20. Domanick Mrak

    Domanick Mrak

    6 days ago


  21. Case16710


    6 days ago

    It feels like the “Be kind” at the end of this was directed at one specific South African viewer.

  22. Neo Vele

    Neo Vele

    6 days ago

    He. Still in prison 😂

  23. Sovereign Brand

    Sovereign Brand

    6 days ago

    All money isn’t good money. \-_-/

  24. Dylan Walser

    Dylan Walser

    6 days ago

    Haven’t y’all already done a video on Gemballa??

  25. Joseph Crabtree

    Joseph Crabtree

    6 days ago

    $800,000? And where in the hell can you find a Carrera GT for 450k!? I know someone that just sold theirs for 1.1 million! You guys have lost your touch

  26. trnawa1982


    7 days ago

    Mr. Krejci is from Czech Republic. Just check his life story. He escaped SWAT team which already have him in custody on crime scene. Humble beginnings

  27. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones

    7 days ago

    You should do a video on Rudolph diesel. He invented a sustainable engine to run on peanut oil. But he fell off the boat and died. The oil companies had a new fuel called diesel ready convenient don't you think.

  28. _TiberiusPlayZ_


    7 days ago

    Jen tak koukáš na video od donut media a najednou krejčíř xdddd

  29. Jerrmiah Organe

    Jerrmiah Organe

    7 days ago

    Conclusion never trust anybody that from africa

  30. Dylan Blodgett

    Dylan Blodgett

    8 days ago

    “James Bond kinda stuff” Pee Wee Herman

  31. Jon Focker

    Jon Focker

    8 days ago

    That was great, i have to sub now. I feel bad for Krejcir but obviously he did it to himself. Being in isolation will drive him crazy. Unless its not as bad as we think. Although the escape plan could have him sent to a more secure and less perky place. Maximum security with isolation could be as bad as being a cannibal serial killer.

  32. Jon Focker

    Jon Focker

    8 days ago

    Duuuude, Mark Gemballa's 959ish Porsche looks to die for! I mean it looks really good. Kudos to him for becoming a kick ass designer like his dad. What a sad story though ;(

  33. Mark Cannon

    Mark Cannon

    9 days ago

    Gambling debts?

  34. Bobby


    10 days ago

    Lmao at the prices of GTs doubling since this video was made

  35. aarondr69


    10 days ago

    The way you asked for a thumbs up in this one I immediately stopped and gave you one

  36. Bang N Gearz

    Bang N Gearz

    11 days ago

    Awesome fascinating information.

  37. Maykil107


    13 days ago

    gangsters are awesome

  38. Adam Kadmon

    Adam Kadmon

    13 days ago

    wow.. .. and I thought DMC was messed up.

  39. Tomas Kostka

    Tomas Kostka

    13 days ago

    Watching Donut cause of cars, and i see Krejčíř xD Didnt expect him in your vid. Long fingers i guess.

  40. Paul


    13 days ago

    This guy's poor son is just trying to carry his father's torch, and gets sued for using his own legal birth name , you can't trademark someone's last name

  41. IvanGoldBit


    14 days ago

    9:30 thats the Ferrari FXX Evo lol Ferrari made it later on 🤣

  42. mark im

    mark im

    14 days ago

    Anyone who’s life is like a evil James Bond and spends 18 million to get out of jail eventually ends up like most cartel bosses dead or in jail

  43. Ron Ronco

    Ron Ronco

    15 days ago

    Wow. Just wow. I had no idea.

  44. Phunker1


    16 days ago

    390k DM was NOT $700k! More like $200k.

  45. BBS Supercars NI

    BBS Supercars NI

    16 days ago

    Show me where your finding a Carrera gt for less than 700k

  46. Strode 66

    Strode 66

    17 days ago

    Thanks Dude , some great looking cars there. NOW RUN 🔫 nah I’m sure you’ll be fine . He’s probably a Christian by now . 🏎🏎

  47. TheFedernation


    19 days ago

    Sounds like Porsche killed him

  48. Party Party

    Party Party

    19 days ago

    I feel sorry for the son. Basically the conclusion here is Money kills people.

  49. Nicky Poundtown

    Nicky Poundtown

    19 days ago

    930 The deadliest car known to man

  50. bigmoe47


    20 days ago

    Awesome video brother! Used to have Gembella posters all over my walls as a teenager!

  51. That Guy

    That Guy

    20 days ago

    South Africa…. LOL 😂 what

  52. Fred Schmitt

    Fred Schmitt

    21 day ago

    I'd really like to know in which universe and at what time DM 390K equalled $ 700K... But yeah... Uwe Gemballa murdered by Keyser Söze himself, seems to be a nice marketing stunt!

  53. Ajay


    21 day ago

    "While the charges against him we mysteriously dropped" It's such a mystery you guys, the most mysterious mystery

  54. Mystxry


    22 days ago

    Fuck I love the OG gehmballa cars

  55. CHEWDOOB AutoMotive DetailTM

    CHEWDOOB AutoMotive DetailTM

    22 days ago

    Hope he doesn't have internet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. CHEWDOOB AutoMotive DetailTM

    CHEWDOOB AutoMotive DetailTM

    22 days ago

    My guy uwe.😎😎😎😎😎😎💣😎💯🎯

  57. Василий Попов

    Василий Попов

    22 days ago

    In presons they have phones >> internet and much more stuff. Corrupt Africa cud let him out for some cents

  58. Василий Попов

    Василий Попов

    22 days ago

    No wonder! How in real world wud be founder of megaexpenso tuning shit company. Only gangsters 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Eddie Skilnick

    Eddie Skilnick

    22 days ago

    I have hung out with Uwe many times in LA and at the SEMA show. We once went to Cindy Crawford’s club in LA and spent the night partying with a bunch of people including Xena the Warrior princess. Good times.

  60. pedro Nonofyourbusiness

    pedro Nonofyourbusiness

    22 days ago

    Got a little factoid to toss in At no time in the history of the 2 currencies was 390000 DM worth 700000US$ .. try it the other way around and from the 80's on you'd be close 700K DM = about 350US$

  61. Michael Justen

    Michael Justen

    22 days ago

    390.000 Deutsche Mark were not 700.000$. 390.000$ were 700.000 DM Check your Math

  62. JOJO1000


    23 days ago

    Its funny to Hear German words Form Englisch speaking people

  63. DjSaint._


    23 days ago


  64. Petr Beneš

    Petr Beneš

    23 days ago

    for anyone who wants there is 2 movies (part one and two) named Gangster Ka about Radovan Krejčíř's live how he got the powe ;) It describes 90s in centre of Europe

  65. parth


    23 days ago

    You should mention how long the sponsorship segment is, I get so annoyed trying to skip it properly

  66. G M

    G M

    23 days ago

    Wow! What drama!

  67. Sloppy


    23 days ago

    His name is uwu

  68. Vincent Haseth

    Vincent Haseth

    24 days ago

    A man by the name of Mr. O.R. FROM Willemstad CURAÇAO thought about and ordererd the 911 with a slant nose design from porsche back in 1979, and the car was build with the design company BB for him. So making him the first to put this concept into production. The car had a cell phone and a sony tv build in the dashboard. Freezer in under back seat, and many many more features, the car was stationed in the Dominican Republic,

  69. ayeapprove


    24 days ago

    6:11 - wait how did you come up with 700k USD? In 1983 1 USD = 2.55 DM so 390k DM would've been 156k USD back then!

  70. George F

    George F

    26 days ago

    I hope mark brings his father’s legacy back too the forefront of tuning cars… oh wait he has (project sandbox)

  71. Zion Dolly

    Zion Dolly

    26 days ago

    i mean but look at the mirage GT now... 1 of 25 super rare

  72. Eddi W.

    Eddi W.

    26 days ago

    Very nice video, much facts I didn't know 👏

  73. accobrajim


    27 days ago

    opening add too long. im gone

  74. Peter Heves

    Peter Heves

    27 days ago

    Good old czech gangsters..

  75. Island Community

    Island Community

    27 days ago

    that price is soooo wrong. the carrera gt not gemballa mirage package goes for over a million

  76. John Dough

    John Dough

    28 days ago

    So dude didn't just hop out and put his hand straight in his pockets right in front the police? Ok.

  77. Mark Jamison

    Mark Jamison

    28 days ago

    Hope the best for Mark Gemballa .

  78. Mighty Phil

    Mighty Phil

    28 days ago

    They should make a movie about him like they did DeLorean

  79. Joshua


    28 days ago

    15:30 I'm South African and trust me, you don't wanna be in a South African prison🙏

  80. ian wisniewski

    ian wisniewski

    29 days ago

    The ordinary discovery quantitatively sigh because rose preliminarily blot barring a quizzical force. cultured, equable process

  81. Michal Hluchý

    Michal Hluchý

    29 days ago

    :))))))) Radovan Krejcir - James Bond of Czech republic :)))) A video with him, playing a football with Oscar Pistorius is slowly becoming a legend.

  82. Voodoo Illusion

    Voodoo Illusion

    Month ago

    Yeah that guy is a big time criminal in South Africa unfortunately south africa has been unsafe since 1994 and is even worse now in 2021

  83. yabbadabba1975


    Month ago

    I was stationed in Germany in the 1980's. The exchange rate ran from 3-4 DM/$. Pre Euro days. I had a lot of buddies that bought exotic cars for relatively next to nothing and shipped them to the states. Your 390,000 DM car would have cost $100K at that time.

  84. xNYCMarc


    Month ago

    Anybody notice the typo in the graphics @15:43 "Maxium", lol

  85. Calys Agora

    Calys Agora

    Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Gemballa's cars were hediously effing ugly and tasteless? I remember being a kid in the 80's, growing up seeing those cars in magazines, and I always thought that they were just vulgar and silly. I guess I was more of a MAKO fan back then...

  86. Playdory


    Month ago

    Horrible. Take classics shoot them in the face with the ugly gun and charge a million dollars.

  87. M1000 RR

    M1000 RR

    Month ago

    I had a poster of an Avalanche on my wall when I was a kid!!! It was right beside a CJ7 jeep poster and that was my two dream rides! I had to settle for the CJ7 which filled that hole pretty good😎

  88. john snapp

    john snapp

    Month ago

    If nolan goes missing we know where to start looking. We will save you nolan you sweet angel.

  89. -skuaz-


    Month ago

    I want them to modify a tycan turbo shaha

  90. The Trip

    The Trip

    Month ago

    2and a half minutes of advert is too much man

  91. Jaja Jaja

    Jaja Jaja

    Month ago

    Man do I remember these cars .

  92. Kriss Olson

    Kriss Olson

    Month ago

    CGT's are trading currently for way over a million dollars.

  93. false N eutral

    false N eutral

    Month ago

    R.Krejcir is probably the most infamous criminal from Czech rep. ( former Czechoslovakia for all you non Europeans 😎 ) You can make a whole episode about him. There are even a few movies made about his life. He is most famous for his escape from his mention where he was taken back to after his arrest and the place was literally full of cops, he just ask if he can go take a leak and vanished 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Karma got to him and now he is fighting for a transfer back to Czech prison which he tried to avoid so much 🤣

  94. Gravis 13

    Gravis 13

    Month ago

    390 000 dm was not even close to 700 000 usd, it’s 220k usd

  95. Caleb Josef

    Caleb Josef

    Month ago

    the fuck did I just here? Euro-payan I can guarantee you it’s pronounced yr-uh-pee-uhn

  96. Ellory Bocox

    Ellory Bocox

    Month ago

    All of that stuff he gets from bespoke post is trash other than the book. "Stuff valued more than the subscription" no way. The company couldn't afford that

  97. Mikewhocheesehairy2


    Month ago

    Being in South Africa he definitely has internet bud 😂😉 probably watches Netflix every night

  98. mk private

    mk private

    Month ago

    16 minutes of my life wasted. I guess I´l set my alarm clock 16 minutes earlier for tomorrow.

  99. Onyx_HyundaiElantraGTS


    Month ago

    If you guys could do a series for true crime of the car world. That would make my whole life