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  1. Orlando Toney

    Orlando Toney

    15 minutes ago

    Shoot. If you know this part of enginez n cleaning them . then you can know anything n everything bout a vehicle huh.

  2. Carterkid23


    33 minutes ago

    My 2017 mustang GT 62k miles suddleny has a bump in the clutch. No leaks smells noise shifts fine. Any ideas? Easy to press through this “bump”

  3. coco Boo

    coco Boo

    35 minutes ago

    1.62 million man

  4. Paul Chace

    Paul Chace

    52 minutes ago

    Thank you

  5. coco Boo

    coco Boo

    56 minutes ago

    Should of seen if the exhaust cut out would help less restrictive

    • coco Boo

      coco Boo

      55 minutes ago

      But then you wouldn't be able to talk lol

  6. scott flurer

    scott flurer

    Hour ago

    The fact that you replaced everything with new parts is something I strongly believe in. My 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited (1 year only) gets everything that I can find new gets replaced. 23 year old parts need replacing before they let you on the side of the road. GREAT JOB!

  7. D H

    D H

    Hour ago

    Dumb question. If i have a j35a7 but it's in a Honda oddysey will that belt/ water pump kit still work?

  8. Itthus


    Hour ago

    found the factory manual for my Honda! thanks Eric!

    • Anh Tran

      Anh Tran

      Hour ago

      Where dis you find it?

  9. Nick


    2 hours ago

    This looks nice but I'm still going to use whatever the shop supplies unfortunately. The antiseize in particular looks awesome!

  10. Norman Trahan

    Norman Trahan

    2 hours ago

    Awesome video. Thanks for the instructions. I have two 03 Elements. The dash lights will need replacing and I may have seats reupholstered.

  11. missy mullin

    missy mullin

    3 hours ago

    OK if I replace my radiator and the hoses fixed the Y heater hose what else could possibly be wrong to cause my car to overheat things that I could try but if anybody knows please fill me in

  12. frederick triplett

    frederick triplett

    4 hours ago

    I recently installed a new starter. The problem is the starter is free spinning. I've changed the battery terminals and installed a new battery. When I hooked up the new terminals to the battery. The starter is not engaging. What could be the problem.

  13. Salty Mechanics

    Salty Mechanics

    5 hours ago

    Super interesting! Thank you🦾

  14. jd hern

    jd hern

    5 hours ago

    Good video

  15. popanollie1


    5 hours ago

    i have a indexing prybar, and im pretty sure its the same brand even but mine is different. the handel end on mine is not pointed, its blunt to hit with a hammer. and the indexing head also has 2 flat spots to hit with a hammer.

  16. Dirty Sprite

    Dirty Sprite

    6 hours ago

    Thanks I gave it a good couple kicks and it came off karate kick man

  17. uaman11


    6 hours ago

    thank you adam22

  18. Rizwan Sadiq

    Rizwan Sadiq

    7 hours ago

    Hi Eric, I’m your big fan so can u tell me where your shop location so I can meet u , I’m from New Jersey by the way . 😎😎

  19. Ronny Bradshaw

    Ronny Bradshaw

    7 hours ago

    Took 2 min to just get to the meat and what we need to know. Save the bad humor

  20. kurty85


    7 hours ago

    the O2 sensor readings he showed had nothing to do with the catalytic converter. They are in response to how rich or lean the engine is running. They move up and down slightly as the O2 sensors are telling the ecm/ecu whether the exhaust is rich or lean. The ecm changes the injector pulsewidth to add more fuel or cut fuel to achieve the desired 14.7:1 stoich ratio. If the sensors are way off or bad, the engine will run rich or lean. In addition, the maf is providing a measurement of how much air the engine is taking in as the wire is heated or cooled down and higher or lower voltage is applied. He is using a measurement that will only be affected if the cat was clogged, and only on the post cat.

  21. xHolidaayy 死神

    xHolidaayy 死神

    7 hours ago

    Can I follow this video for my 02 forester

  22. GDog S

    GDog S

    8 hours ago

    No do not do it. It will screw up your engine

  23. jd Glide

    jd Glide

    8 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing this

  24. Home Home

    Home Home

    11 hours ago

    Good video.

  25. Denver1976Man


    11 hours ago

    Honda sure made that suck.. Yeah good ol Scotty took half the engine apart

  26. J. M.

    J. M.

    11 hours ago

    The big one (29 & 1/2") looks as though it could also hang on a belt loop (D cell) Mag-Lite holder & be used as a permanent intruder deterrent.

  27. Tony Swiger

    Tony Swiger

    12 hours ago

    Been following for videos for a while. You do an amazing job with step by step instructions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

  28. Jan Kindl

    Jan Kindl

    13 hours ago

    5:52 these screws are for adjusting up/down/left/right... Not in/out. its obvious from their location after closing the trunk. 7:02 you can take of the trunk door, and make those holes for hinges bigger, so you can push the trunk door deeper. 8:35 i think thats illegal in most countries. 27:15 it looks awfull. You should buff it a little

  29. WolfsPa


    13 hours ago

    Awesome install, onboard all the way, clean common sense thorough approach, rounded the last corner heading to the finish line, down to the last hurdle, then scotch connector 😖 Whyyyyyyyyy.................. Peace Out.......& Beyonder

  30. JakeCornito


    15 hours ago

    Wow... Your great Eric

  31. Rongrith Pichaiyongwongdee

    Rongrith Pichaiyongwongdee

    16 hours ago

    you are so clear! I love watching you.

  32. Junk Emails

    Junk Emails

    16 hours ago

    Hello there I have a mk4jetta tdi 1.9 1999,5 When clutch is already engaged and car going. The rpm being close to 1000 up to 1500 car vibrates bad. I don’t like drive high rpm, only at highway goes up to 2600 . Car always vibrates slightly but when rpm is lower vibrates bad. In neutral or clutch disengaged vibrates some but not much. Car shifts ok and clutch pedal is not sticking. And clutch doesn’t slip. The transmission feels ok. But car vibrates bad. I already changed the motor mounts but still car vibrates. I noticed after installing the dog bone mount is twisted. As was the same way the old ones. Old owner had hit a rock driving off road long time ago. The oil pan got knocked . I wonder if have any frame damage. What can it be the vibration and how get rid of it?

  33. Evelyn Lopez

    Evelyn Lopez

    22 hours ago

    how about the zinc content for older cars without catalitic converters ???

  34. Eric Bailey

    Eric Bailey

    23 hours ago

    I have the same noise in the rear of a Dodge truck. I had a mechanic disassemble and inspect it because I had plans for a motor swap. The noise was slightly different after it was reassembled with synthetic oil. It has about 6000 miles and still has not changed. The motor swap was completed about 4500 miles ago. It had a 4.7 and now sports a 6.4 Hemi. Sounds like I need a different gear set as well from your video. I had suspected the pinion bearings same as you. Anyway, well done sir.

  35. Trongy Trong

    Trongy Trong

    23 hours ago

    Ahhhh I'm currently rebuilding a qr25de bought a timing chain set and was thinking if I should change the sprocket on the variable timing, thank you for putting myind at ease

  36. Franko Berhane

    Franko Berhane

    Day ago

    Those tail lights are so brittle. Both of mine cracked when replacing the rollers on my sliding doors

  37. philippalomo


    Day ago

    I have a 99 Honda Civic Si with just 72,000 miles... Oil changed regularly and no crank/ no start.... Which fuses would you recommend starting with??

    • philippalomo


      Day ago

      I didn't see any grommets broken behind the clutch.... I'm not able to push it to see if it will start.

  38. Dutch Motorsports

    Dutch Motorsports

    Day ago

    My clutch wont disengage fully, I noticed when I depress the clutch pedal the fluid in my resevouir lowers and when I release the pedal it raises again, does this mean my clutch master cylinder is bad?

  39. Tyler Clarkson

    Tyler Clarkson

    Day ago

    Anybody wanna speak up and tell me what happens when I pull the axle out and no circlip comes with it? Lol

  40. hard boiled frog

    hard boiled frog

    Day ago

    Thank you so much for the cornholio voice. In the midst of a stressful situation with my car, that made my day.

  41. Leandro Oliveira

    Leandro Oliveira

    Day ago

    Very nice video

  42. Axa Axa

    Axa Axa

    Day ago

    As if you cant just go buy (or make) a pin bolt for either hoist

  43. Lisa


    Day ago

    Thanks so much! I was sitting here cold watching your video and decided to just kick it one time to see if I would get heat anyway and dang if it didn't work! I was so glad to feel some heat on me!

  44. Klaus Von Schmit

    Klaus Von Schmit

    Day ago

    Eric, you have it all wrong!! The problem lays with the distributor being in the front and not the rear of the engine!! Just Saying! 😁😂🤣

  45. Default Camo

    Default Camo

    Day ago

    My meter was different and my dumb dumb brain couldn’t figure it out

  46. Steve Cottrell

    Steve Cottrell

    Day ago

    At some time, it would be great to see how you bled the brakes with the fluid extractor. I love that as well. Got one right after you used it on another project and have used it a dozen times...several times for non-car stuff.

  47. RL Meeseeks

    RL Meeseeks

    Day ago

    I am a PA safety and emissions inspector and he's right about parking brakes not working. That's just the start on what the state wants us to check

  48. A Ü

    A Ü

    Day ago

    Can a jar of that size with diesel hurt your petrol engine? I believe not but you can never be certain. Any response is appreciated 👍

  49. rbe muscle

    rbe muscle

    Day ago

    Awesome man! I think this is the noise coming from my gold mk4 near the exhaust! Gonna check it out tom. Cheers!!

  50. Lee H

    Lee H

    Day ago

    Eric - even when you're not doing videos like this that help me greatly, I dig watching your stuff for pure entertainment. I've been watching for many years - so thanks a ton for all of it! :)

  51. NightHawk J30

    NightHawk J30

    Day ago

    Wow Ive never seen a Honda with rust on the floor pan like that. Yeah much as I love my Acura/Hondas i would let it go. Since it rust out fast.

  52. Leena Vaj

    Leena Vaj

    Day ago

    Thought you supposed to leave a small gap on the passenger and driver window so it doesn’t affect the windshield from pressurization.

  53. FlyinTrapezious


    Day ago

    It works if you run it every 10,000 miles from the time the vehicle is new. I use the Scotty Kilmer method also, except I remove the the cat or cats every 50,000 miles. I do a 5 minute soak in muriatic acid rinse/ back flush in water. Then a 5 minute soak in lye ( granular drain cleaner mixed with distilled water). Then another through rinse and back flush with tap water. As long as there is no damage on the inside of the cat from mechanical or impact damage they will look almost new inside.. I have a 2005 Nissan Xtrerra with 380.000 miles on it running the original cats applying my method.. It is time consuming and you have to be careful with the acid and base but it works and beats paying over $3,000.00 for OEM cats.

  54. mr.r mr.r

    mr.r mr.r

    Day ago

    the $$$$ for that job.

  55. Jose Vizcaino

    Jose Vizcaino

    Day ago

    eric I have a question about the readings i got from my multi meter when I performed this test on my 1992 ford mustang. test performed with fully charged battery, dome light circuit disconected and all accesories off. upon conecting leads to negative battery terminal and negative battery cable with my MM on highest amp scale setting, the reading appeared high 2.9 tp 3.0 for about 3 to 4 seconds then jumped down to 007. this car is OBD1 speed density with no other electronics. why the initial spike then goes down???

  56. steelflame


    Day ago

    Uhm, landing maybe? xD

  57. Nazim Alsalami

    Nazim Alsalami

    Day ago

    I just wanna thank you sir for your video I did exactly the way you did I follow you step by step you just save me $600 dollars thank you again and god bless you

  58. youngin


    Day ago

    This man puts so much love into a rebuild

  59. Sergio Balza

    Sergio Balza

    Day ago

    What’s the mileage to replace timing belt on 2010 Mdx?

  60. Kerilyn Desiree

    Kerilyn Desiree

    Day ago

    Damn i wish you were my mechanic

  61. Jarco101


    Day ago

    Thanks a lot!!!

  62. Its Insta Way

    Its Insta Way

    Day ago


  63. Its Insta Way

    Its Insta Way

    Day ago

    Hello eric sir can you plz help me???

  64. RipsDJ


    Day ago

    Hey Eric, does the oil need to be drained before I replace the oil cooler gaskets? Thanks 😎

  65. Renton Tarona

    Renton Tarona

    Day ago

    Sir how much the standard compression pressure...

  66. Nick Craig

    Nick Craig

    Day ago

    That eye tip was actually very helpful always happends to me nvr knew a fix

  67. FaZe DeeZee

    FaZe DeeZee

    Day ago

    That cotter pin will not come out for me lmao

  68. Joshua Tucker

    Joshua Tucker

    Day ago

    By the looks of the last break line wasn’t fasten all the way? The one closest to the break booster you can tell on camera 🤷🏾‍♂️

  69. Sakthivel R

    Sakthivel R

    Day ago

    Well explained, great!

  70. Max Gallegos

    Max Gallegos

    Day ago

    😂 10 miles a gallon extra using sticker 😂

  71. David Bailey

    David Bailey

    Day ago

    good stuff thanks again

  72. shtuffedcrustpizzarollsbabee


    2 days ago

    For anybody having any trouble with this look into the starter method. Helped me, just put a breaker bar with 19 deep socket and just start it enough to crack it loose. Quick turn of the key do not sit there cranking it. Just bump it a couple times it’ll come loose

  73. That Dude

    That Dude

    2 days ago

    Some dream of world peace and the end of hunger. Me? I dream about a world where there's a cheap non-rusting steel alloy that leads to a world without rust.

  74. Jose Fuentes

    Jose Fuentes

    2 days ago

    So patience thank U mine is a 94 Camry great cond thou......but thanks again JCF...

  75. john smith

    john smith

    2 days ago

    Forget it and just use Quick Struts

  76. Odris K

    Odris K

    2 days ago

    In extreme weather synthetic oils are far superior. If your engine is in good shape synthetic is the only way to go . To say otherwise is misleading in the extreme . A wasted engine is far more expensive to fix than a few extra dollars you save by choosing cheap dyno oil.

  77. je t328i

    je t328i

    2 days ago

    Awesome video!

  78. Shane Subashe

    Shane Subashe

    2 days ago

    My knees pop all the time too. Sucks getting old.

  79. Damien O'Gorman

    Damien O'Gorman

    2 days ago

    That looks great Eric, thanks for the entertainment and educational content 😉👍 Regards from Galway, Ireland 💚

  80. Jose Romero

    Jose Romero

    2 days ago

    Thanks for the videos 👍👍👍