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  1. Null


    39 minutes ago

    Man, beetles are getting serious.

  2. Marc LA

    Marc LA

    Hour ago

    I've tested drive Camry and K5 ( the same model tested here) I'll tell you that K5 is far...far better Car Mark is just very precise about everything...Toyota and Honda needs to watch is doing a great job...and when you look at the price than there's no discussion...and on top of that the warranty that kia is offering is just outstanding...

  3. Mr. Grumpy Grumpy

    Mr. Grumpy Grumpy

    Hour ago

    Honda is notorious for not putting enough sound insulation in the cars. I'd gladly pay an extra grand for more insulation.

  4. Matthew


    Hour ago

    i like of like it in a humble way. its the every man car.

  5. B. Chan

    B. Chan

    Hour ago

    Great video!! I used to live near TMI Autotech and toured their years ago. I recognized nearly all the roads you were on (I've "tested" my cars there before!), including the entrance to Berry Hill. It's a small town steeped in racing history.

  6. banger566


    Hour ago

    I don't care about the track stuff. I'm all about how it is as a road car as that's where it will be driven 99% of the time....

  7. Robin Singh

    Robin Singh

    Hour ago

    I had one question about the 'Power Steering Plus' option, would you recommend that option with the GTS? Was your tester optioned with it?

  8. Robin Singh

    Robin Singh

    Hour ago

    Brilliant review gentlemen! Brilliant!

  9. R Rivers

    R Rivers

    Hour ago

    I purchased an 2004 mustang GT. 5Spd. Brand new from lot. I couldn't stop staring at the cobra. I was 18 at the time. Still looks good today. I'm all grown up. Driving a new Rav4 limited. I might pull the trigger and buy one if these as a weekend whip. Or a C5 Zo6🤔

  10. Bill Cranston

    Bill Cranston

    Hour ago

    Why isn't the dash angled towards the driver? Gonna bring this up with every "driver-centric" car review. Do we care about passengers having equal access to the controls? I think not. My wife's 2022 Tucson has a driver-centric dash ffs.

  11. Dammit Greg!

    Dammit Greg!

    Hour ago

    God, the engine sound is amazing

  12. vwtsang


    2 hours ago

    I test drove Sports and I agreed with them that it's noisy (from the tires, turbo engine and body insulation.) Also inside is very dark given the fabric inside is black every where. I would appreciate a lighter color inside. I find Hatchback LX with the VTech engine is better. It's alot more quiet.

  13. Затворник


    2 hours ago

    Аххуенно блять, обзор пиздатый я таких не видел, очень хорошо! спасибо.

  14. IKhan


    2 hours ago

    The GTS variant of any Porsche are definitely my favorite.

  15. Austin ATOM

    Austin ATOM

    3 hours ago

    See how the tail lights looks with the hatch open? That’s how the tail lights should look in general. They look OK but they are a little bit too wide horizontally.

  16. Mark Larry

    Mark Larry

    3 hours ago

    Where in the line up does the C4S fall compared to the GTS and the GT-3?

  17. bikebudha01


    3 hours ago

    Um, since I literally can't fin into a miata or S2000... The GR86 is not just the winner, it's the ONLY car in the competition. (I'm 6'-4, which is tall, but not drastically so. Why on earth couldn't Mazda and Honda add another 6" to the cabin so 'normal' height people can fit???)

  18. K20Sams


    3 hours ago

    I've seen the spy videos of the Type R and it's looking real good. I won't be surprised if this generation of Civic gets car of the year.

  19. Ezra Hockman

    Ezra Hockman

    4 hours ago

    You guys just keep getting better, appreciate all the work you put into these videos! I've watched your 992 reviews and in each one you seem giddy over the power. One of my favorite things about the 997.2 is it's always felt like the perfect amount of power and torque to feel fast even when you're not going fast. Do you feel like these 992's have too much power, or are they still fun in that <60-70mph range on the backroads?

  20. KON RAD


    4 hours ago

    Came for the GTS cars. Stayed for the top tier DRM free music.

  21. Harry Atkinson

    Harry Atkinson

    4 hours ago

    So let me understand what you are saying “if you can afford a Porsche you are NOT a motoring enthusiast”?

    • savagegeese


      4 hours ago

      No, absolutely not. You pay a high price to drive these cars and there are other that bring more in other areas for less.

  22. Jackson Stock

    Jackson Stock

    5 hours ago

    3:31 FIJI WATER. Its so easy to miss the hilarious details you guys add 😂

  23. Scott


    5 hours ago

    Will probably never get to drive one of these so thanks for the experience.

  24. EddieHazard


    5 hours ago

    Great video, yet, hard to get a good look at the atom

  25. JDM180


    5 hours ago

    How is it not a copycat? Have you seen a V222 s class interior? They copied almost everything about it. That being said, it is a nice looking vehicle.

  26. Rick Rolled

    Rick Rolled

    5 hours ago

    The 1.5T engine is pure garb. can u say oil dilution

  27. Susan Bates

    Susan Bates

    6 hours ago

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  28. David Caraway

    David Caraway

    7 hours ago

    Love the reviews. I think a lot of reviewers are missing something when they ask "who is going to buy this?" though. This vehicle (along with other Genesis models) will appeal to people who want a lot of bells and whistles to accompany the steep price they pay for their luxury vehicle. While on paper the German luxury brands also have lots of bells and whistles, it's only on paper. Try finding mostly loaded German luxury cars on dealers' lots. They are rare and if you find one it's probably not in the color you want. You pretty much have to custom order a German luxury car if you want one fairly loaded because there are few on the lots. I started looking at Genesis for this reason. I have a plethora of loaded GV70s to choose from around me. I can not only find a loaded GV70 but also one with my choice of color, both exterior and interior. I'm just not paying for a Mercedes, Audi or BMW and driving off the lot with a vehicle that comes with no more bells and whistles than a Honda Civic. I don't want to be "that guy". Nowhere is this more apparent than on the used car market where custom ordering is not an option. A year ago we were looking at used luxury SUVs. We test drove a 2017 GLE. It didn't even have rear parking sensors!!! Perhaps Genesis will win some converts on the used car market too.

  29. Eric Kelly

    Eric Kelly

    7 hours ago

    I don't think of the Ariel Atom as a "car" but much more of a "go cart" for somebody with $$$ to burn as part of their collection / as track toy. Personally if I had 75-100K to spend on a sports car I'd probably go towards a Porsche Boxster, an actual "car" with creature comforts and space to put things.

  30. Abraham Hernan Aucoin

    Abraham Hernan Aucoin

    7 hours ago

    A very beautiful car inside and out.

  31. Paolo Ochangco

    Paolo Ochangco

    8 hours ago

    Bring the mechanic [email protected]!!!!

  32. Maximus Potestas

    Maximus Potestas

    8 hours ago

    Glad I owned one of these.

  33. Reuben Herrera

    Reuben Herrera

    9 hours ago

    Here in the states, in Calabasas California. I went to my local dealership Monday. I have a 17 GTS. They wanted it badly; offered 2K above my original sticker price w/ 11k miles. I am wanting to place an order for 21/22 GTS. Not going to happen! For one, they have no new inventory. ZERO 911's on hand. The only allocations open are as specific to ONLY Carrera & Carrera 4S coupe or cab ONLY. This to include a 20-30K over-sticker...on a special order base units! A special order is at a 6-9 months away for PROSPECT delivery. That is it! GTS, GT3, TURBO or ANYTHING ELSE 911 is a flat NO for at least a year? Sales tells me they get about 10 walk in's a day in with nothing good to tell buyers and about 40 calls...everyday. However they have lots of Macans and Taycans on hand.

  34. TJ Sullivan

    TJ Sullivan

    9 hours ago

    I laughed out loud because you were reading my mind when you said "if your over 30 you wont be embarrassed to be seen driving it" I had a 1998 little civic hatchback that was great bot now im 51yo with wife and 2 kids. I really like the looks of this civic.

  35. D S

    D S

    9 hours ago

    Ah, it's settled, Mazda for the win. Lol

  36. [][][]MANN


    9 hours ago

    Don't misshift your 140,000 dollar car 🤑

  37. Cody Edsall

    Cody Edsall

    9 hours ago

    You locked a nice location to drive these cars. Blood mountain north ga is an amazing road and lots of unique surrounding roads. One of the best routes in the country.

  38. Guillaume Tsogbe-Hamel

    Guillaume Tsogbe-Hamel

    9 hours ago

    Its so sad for me to ear this as a young 21 years old that just bought it's first nb miata this summer. I can see muvh clearly now that now is the time to buy the cars we want cause in 10 years i wont be able to afford it. Hopefully i'll finish my heavy mechanic course in about 1 years and i'll be able to buy a house and save the car i want for the futur.

  39. rob1248996


    10 hours ago

    My friend just ordered one of these. They have a cuteness rating of 11 on a scale of 10. Don't nit-pick the interior too much. The only thing I didn't like was the "touch screen" controls. Just give me a radio with two knobs and may be some actual push buttons.

  40. James Morrison

    James Morrison

    10 hours ago

    Aren’t the center-lock wheels a pain in the ass?

  41. noahmeme2


    10 hours ago

    I just wish it didn't have a touchscreen. I just want a small radio like the 91 Civic has.

  42. Drew Jehoich

    Drew Jehoich

    10 hours ago

    What an amazing car and great review. I can only imagine, remembering getting an s2000 or brz, you felt like that was a quick sporty car around the curves. Then you get into something like this where it's just a completely other level of sports car. It's like when I went from a Yamaha R3 to my Yamaha R6.

  43. Michael Schofield

    Michael Schofield

    11 hours ago

    Owned 104 cars in 40 years of moving here from England….why do I mentioned that ? I now own a 2014 991.1, which is naturally aspirated and what an amazing car. You feel one with the car. If I would have bought this car is 2014, I would saved some money and been very happy.

  44. Velothu


    11 hours ago

    100 miles of range for that price in 2021 is unacceptable. The power also seems rather pathetic. Perhaps this could work for some people in cities but for most of America this isn't a car that would work.

  45. HA R

    HA R

    11 hours ago

    I think the previous generation looks better and classier. This looks like a boring jetta

  46. darmy713


    11 hours ago

    Just got a 2021 Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo blacked out. It is just elegant power. Everything makes sense, ergonomically and mechanically. Best car I’ve ever driven.

  47. Brian Dodson

    Brian Dodson

    11 hours ago

    This video's intro was awesome.

  48. SGilani


    11 hours ago

    I have $60,000,000

  49. Илья Мегион

    Илья Мегион

    12 hours ago

    I can not understand... Why so small engine put there parallel with so long hood? Plus it has AWD... It`s looks like no sence at all... Plus 2.0 engine from accord is too weak for so heavy car... 7sec to 60 it`s a shame for sport sedan in 2021.

  50. Tyler Pflum

    Tyler Pflum

    12 hours ago

    This is an amazing channel.

  51. Perriermaster9


    12 hours ago

    You have to be kidding the C8 corvette's interior was nasty!! There is no comparison. Like some kid had designed it! The interior of the Porsche is classy and timeless and beautiful. It just feels solid and right. An American's view of the world!!?

  52. Rita Aldweikat

    Rita Aldweikat

    12 hours ago

    I discovered your channel a year ago and you guys are one of the best car reviewers out there! Very thorough and in-depth which is much needed for a first time car buyer like me! I would love to hear your take on the 2022 Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar F-Pace!

  53. Doug D

    Doug D

    13 hours ago

    I really want to buy one of these. It's the right car for me, 99% of the time. But owning a truck has ruined me forever it seems as the convenience of being able to throw just about anything into the bed even if that's only once or twice a month is something that I know will haunt me if I were to trade it in for a more practical car. I should have never bought the truck - ignorance is bliss.

  54. Rene


    13 hours ago

    You should do now an interview with a few ram ecodiesel owner to compare how the engine stack again the old one,



    13 hours ago

    I wish these 911s were more affordable. I feel like even people who are considered pretty well off and have a good job cant even get into these. I ended up buying a tidy used 987.2 Cayman for 1/9th of the price of a new GTS Targa. (But even the Cayman wasnt cheap and still cost me $60000 AUD).

  56. Adam Huglo

    Adam Huglo

    13 hours ago


  57. MikeVictor


    13 hours ago

    Guys. Coupé please. Not "coop". You get so much right technically and love your reviews, but this just makes my ears hurt.

  58. JL


    13 hours ago

    Well idk about if you’re spending over 50k for this to get the hellcat and here’s why: the hellcat starts at over $61500 and that’s for the non widebody and before any upgrades and packages which would bring it up into the 80s. Obviously if u wanted the widebody scatpack your going to want the widebody version of this and that will start at $67500 and with upgrades and packages it’ll be in the 90s. A fully equipped SP widebody will fetch ya about 61ish. That’s not including shaker or TA package.

  59. Mister Potato

    Mister Potato

    13 hours ago

    Till this day I still have problem reading and pronouncing your channel name😂

  60. iAmCoded


    14 hours ago

    What's the song at the beginning?

  61. Guido Serrano

    Guido Serrano

    14 hours ago

    I'm looking to buy my first Porsche. I'm gonna book some test drives soon. I'm between a GT3 Touring or a GTS (targa or coupe). I really want one with manual transmission so the Turbo S is out of the list.

  62. Austin


    15 hours ago

    can i give two likes???

  63. NutellaBC


    16 hours ago

    So Honda made a VW Golf ?

  64. apolitis1


    17 hours ago

    Again with the POINTLESS main focus on ''speed'' and ''cornering'' and blah blah [email protected]#&ng blah...Do most reviewers as well as drivers think they have the skill or the necessity to go Fast&Furious in their everyday driving?? it's ridiculous!! This car is WAY faster and powerful and agile enough for 99.9% of people that need a car

  65. Raab Rey

    Raab Rey

    17 hours ago

    Love this video! You just sold an rs6 wagon 🙌

  66. Arthur Nicolle

    Arthur Nicolle

    18 hours ago

    Snake Eater from MGS3 🥰😍❤️

  67. David X

    David X

    18 hours ago

    Best music from SG thus far

  68. D


    19 hours ago

    Porsche factory support AND access to a GT3 Cup? I'm glad to see the 'Geese are really hitting their stride.

  69. 3ducs


    19 hours ago

    The interior driving segments are very dark, almost black screen. Is it your camera?

  70. Dough Boy

    Dough Boy

    19 hours ago

    I love you guys but why did you say this car isn’t fast at all but in the G70 review, you raved about the speed of the genesis? The IS500 is definitely faster than the G70. I like both cars just wondering about that

  71. P A

    P A

    20 hours ago

    how is it complicated its AWESOME

  72. Wanko Storm

    Wanko Storm

    20 hours ago

    2:27 “…gauge cluster on the previous 992”. What?

  73. Wanko Storm

    Wanko Storm

    20 hours ago

    I don’t agree that “the last generation is littered with buttons”. How do?

    • Wanko Storm

      Wanko Storm

      20 hours ago

      How so?

    • Wanko Storm

      Wanko Storm

      20 hours ago

      How do?

  74. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson

    21 hour ago

    CVT? 🤮

    • J.R. Arnolli

      J.R. Arnolli

      11 hours ago

      🤢 another one not capable on 🤔🙄🤭😁😅😂🤣how to drive a CVT?!??🤐

  75. jeffbui


    21 hour ago

    Love you guys, cant wait to see the GT3 review

  76. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    21 hour ago

    Its not a completely digital cluster. Fuel and temp are still just lights.

  77. Thyny San

    Thyny San

    21 hour ago This dude is already going 12.7 on 3 basic bolt ones w/o a tune. Imagine when he does get a tune. He'll been in stock ZL1 territory.

  78. vasantos2171


    21 hour ago

    The 911 is just huge now. They should just call it the Panamera Coupe.

  79. ricky v

    ricky v

    22 hours ago

    Beautiful cars and good reviews. I often wonder if you'll get support from a manufacturer and this video shows this is happening. Thank you Gentleman.