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Scotty Kilmer

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  1. Mystery Buyer

    Mystery Buyer

    3 minutes ago

    Just buy an ounce of gold now and after the inflation all comes the gold will be able to buy the car outright. If it rises faster than inflation that is.

  2. Mr. B

    Mr. B

    3 minutes ago

    It’s supply and demand not just greedy business people. When they pay more to get components and raw materials they won’t be in business long if they don’t update their pricing. I agree that it is going to get worse though.

  3. omnipotent_heathen


    4 minutes ago

    They’re not even giving people money, wtf are you talking about the majority it’s to corporations because we are in a plutocracy

  4. ken kelble

    ken kelble

    4 minutes ago

    Ah ha Scotty, got a good Writer. Scotty ,what about thoes Bad tires, few years ago. On the ford explode r Found On the Road Dead

  5. omnipotent_heathen


    5 minutes ago

    Learn about Marxism and talk about it, I’m sure your intelligent enough to persuade your people

  6. Mel Moss

    Mel Moss

    5 minutes ago

    why not just buy the car you need,no leather, "new" and drive it for 15 years...a used car is a pig in a poke;i don`t care who your "honest mechanic "is?

  7. Bruce Gordon

    Bruce Gordon

    6 minutes ago

    Or she could have steered in the direction of the skid:)

  8. Ready Teddy

    Ready Teddy

    6 minutes ago

    Definitely don't replace a Honda alternator with an aftermarket rebuilt alternator, if the Honda alternator is still working. When the alternator in my 1982 Honda stopped working when it was about 10 years old, it simply needed new brushes. But nobody had new brushes. All that was being offered for sale, anywhere, were new or rebuilt alternators, at very high prices. I tested the diodes, the rotor, and the stator. They worked fine. I couldn't find brushes that fit. I bought the next larger size and filed them down. Local shop refused to take the $0.10 each they normally charged for them. So I fixed my alternator without buying any parts.

  9. FutbolPro101


    6 minutes ago

    2:37 WIFE for SALE Hahahahahaha

  10. Richard Isner

    Richard Isner

    7 minutes ago

    I have replaced brake lines. It was not expensive.

  11. James Hubbard

    James Hubbard

    8 minutes ago

    I learned about this the hard way 2012 Chevy equinox

  12. Mark Draper

    Mark Draper

    8 minutes ago

    Agreeing with Scotty here but with a modification. I wouldn't buy a "new" model. But a freshly built version of a proven car is a different story. In 52 years of driving, I've only bought 3 cars in their current model year. The rest have all been either a few years old or simply not in the same decade they were built. Case in point: My 2018 EcoSport. Though the model was "new" to the U.S. in 2018, it had been sold in some pretty tough places like India and Brazil for many years before. I have the AWD with the 2L engine. So far, the only "recall" they've had on it was one shipment that had the wrong color brake fluid cap. Yes, it's a little underpowered and sucks gas but so far it's been sturdy and reliable. My worry is the poor service by the dealers and because they're not so common, finding a real mech who can properly work on it.

  13. James Merkel

    James Merkel

    9 minutes ago

    Picture getting All u desire(few miss keys U) & hve long or ageless life & balance & vitality, & blessing/gifts while hving technology kicker in the NOW.

    • James Merkel

      James Merkel

      5 minutes ago

      getting a walk in pass is diff then getting hr on your own works & faith which sould b a dividing line ie rome had good spells & diff classes to worst but Greek's seemed to get it best. 3 diff words for love.

    • James Merkel

      James Merkel

      8 minutes ago

      ie a kind of improving not race to bottom heavenly earthly existence.

  14. David Changet

    David Changet

    9 minutes ago

    There are 2 models of the RX-8.... homework people....

  15. Richard Isner

    Richard Isner

    9 minutes ago

    Some americans are forced into driving automatics

  16. Zmart Kooky

    Zmart Kooky

    10 minutes ago

    Wanna bet? IDT anybody could hunt me down on my R600

  17. James Merkel

    James Merkel

    12 minutes ago

    If u r right for the time we r living in then that is a factor if staying or going to b w/ SON in heaven to easy street walk on permanent album vacation.

  18. Paka Lolo

    Paka Lolo

    13 minutes ago


  19. James Merkel

    James Merkel

    13 minutes ago

    working a 3 day or 4 day work week is decent, even if it flips back & forth twice a week still ok deal, or hving double reward eternal retirement new system of GOD6 & SON bc u work 2 diff union every jobs 3 days per week etc.

  20. Branden


    14 minutes ago

    Bought a vw GLI w/ 100,000 mile warranty paid $28,800 with 23,000 miles on the OD. A brand new one is $31,000. SMH

  21. Paul Feasal

    Paul Feasal

    15 minutes ago

    Is that one of the torque converters on the outside of the transmission or will they have to take the transmission apart to get to it?

  22. Waleye Fish

    Waleye Fish

    15 minutes ago

    When Super Joe was sworn into Office, I told my Wife watch the Inflation now. This maybe worse then Jimmy Carter.. The Used Car lots up North are just about empty. They are waiting for the Flood Cars to arrive.🐙

  23. chris schmitt

    chris schmitt

    16 minutes ago

    Wet lighting control module from windshield leak. Common issue on these pos cars. Fixed half a dozen at least.

  24. Hilariokinyo


    16 minutes ago

    Hey Scotty I have a 09 Venza and the steering wheels jumps left and right going over bumps I took it to a shop and they said they couldnt find anything wrong. It has a slight pull to the right as well. Control arms were replaced and a shop did a alignment for it. I don't believe alignment job was done correct but that doesn't explain the steering wheeling going spinning left and right over bumps. I also put the vehicle on jack stands only thing I could find that had play in it was sway bar links, everything else felt solid.

  25. Clement Muhirwa

    Clement Muhirwa

    17 minutes ago

    Scotty is a corrupt mechanic, Toyota paid him a lot of cash to market its plasticy cars

  26. Bryan Cuyle

    Bryan Cuyle

    17 minutes ago

    Looking at 99 blazer glad to read all these comments 👍

  27. Josue


    17 minutes ago

    Tesla at $724 currently

  28. Machinist 72

    Machinist 72

    20 minutes ago

    Use shaving cream. It leaves a coating of glycerin on the glass, and won't allow microdroplets to form.😎🚗👍

  29. DearSX


    21 minute ago

    Inflation a problem for those not making more money to keep up

  30. Blackhawk556


    22 minutes ago

    I have a 2014 tundra with a 8 foot bed. Scotty would be proud.

  31. cheddarballs


    24 minutes ago

    Just got a 2004 honda crv in perfect condition for 4k, 1 owner. Best purchase I've ever made vehicle wise.

  32. HookedonPhonicsMonkey


    24 minutes ago


  33. Hoodoo Texas

    Hoodoo Texas

    27 minutes ago

    Scotty, thank you to warning against gums up over time and is the bane of typewriter collectors and no telling what else.

  34. Toxic Marlene

    Toxic Marlene

    29 minutes ago

    What do you think of the Mach-e?

  35. Brenda Davani

    Brenda Davani

    29 minutes ago

    I bought New Chevy Equinox in 2018. We drove it all over the United States. Still drives great today. I would not hesitate to buy another one. Don’t believe everything you hear.

  36. James Merkel

    James Merkel

    30 minutes ago

    A kind of test the waters, r u really sure u want this time this important time to be your transition from evil skip heaven & leave it all on the field till death or Christ return.

    • Mark Draper

      Mark Draper

      Minute ago

      Do you know where you are? How many fingers am I holding up? Should we call an ambulance for you?

    • James Merkel

      James Merkel

      27 minutes ago

      hell I Am not even sure if that is my best for Me this beaten & broken Me mentally & physically. Depends how glorified walk on water sure stay but if bed ridden or 1 good day a week, not a chance, ha example.

  37. Matthew Ortiz

    Matthew Ortiz

    30 minutes ago

    That 0 too 60 on handed tho😂😂

  38. Ron Nestman

    Ron Nestman

    31 minute ago

    I bet Scotty was a double handful between the ages of 12-65…🙄

  39. Blackhawk556


    31 minute ago

    Anyone know if a 2014 tundra has this??

  40. denise butcher

    denise butcher

    33 minutes ago

    You are 💯 correct

  41. Turtle Runs

    Turtle Runs

    36 minutes ago

    Scotty forgot to mention One of the biggest secret modifications to a cop car are Tuned Cars the cpu (ECM) it's modified, the speed isn't governed the car can preform to it's maximum, In CA they will definitely not pass smog 😂 yet the state punishing residents for polluting or a check engine light for oil change lol once retired they re tune back to OEM specs.

  42. James Merkel

    James Merkel

    36 minutes ago

    I had to kneel down on ground on my knees to count the blooms, & no other dates in the game came that way.

  43. Dewight Lartique

    Dewight Lartique

    37 minutes ago

    Learn so much from you keep it up

  44. James Merkel

    James Merkel

    38 minutes ago

    Oct 9th 2021 & Nov 1 this yr or next r important dates but today code is 1921' also telling see last verse.

  45. Tim Leahy

    Tim Leahy

    39 minutes ago

    Just discovered Scotty. He's a crackup, and I don't know bupkis about fixing cars.

  46. joey g

    joey g

    40 minutes ago

    Scotty it’s called a heads up display not a pop up display

  47. Bandrosonk


    41 minute ago

    But you can't get that inspected. Mass is pretty strict on inspections

  48. John Damage

    John Damage

    41 minute ago

    The Federal Reserve neither Federal or has any reserves

  49. micky dee

    micky dee

    41 minute ago

    Even Yugo would get good review from JD Power

  50. TechMaxWare


    42 minutes ago

    I've got an 05 Pontiac Vibe with that same engine/transmission which had the same code come up. For me, changing the fluid (not flushing) did the trick. I don't think the previous owner(s) ever checked the fluid before I had gotten it. I'm almost to the next 60,000 mile interval and still have yet to have an issue with it since.

  51. Ritalie


    42 minutes ago

    I noticed that people are brainwashed, and they will try to coerce you into buying a new car. If you don't have a car payment, or a loan, they will make mean comments about your car, and insult it, in subtle ways, to make you feel guilted into buying a new car. Be very aware of this, and make sure you turn it back the people who insult you. Not having a new car, saves you $30,000.

  52. Reaperofwind


    43 minutes ago

    Park it across the street from dealer with signage this car is junk with list of issues.

  53. joey g

    joey g

    44 minutes ago

    Scotty stick to fixing cars economics way way over your pay grade

  54. G W

    G W

    45 minutes ago

    I use the ac to clear it pretty quick.

  55. TheLizardKing1967


    46 minutes ago

    This Isn’t Your Father’s 94 Celica.

  56. Testament


    47 minutes ago

    Why does he remind me of Jay Pritchet

  57. Trains and planes

    Trains and planes

    47 minutes ago

    Us inflammation is contagious like when there was the toilet paper shortage 🤣

  58. skypirate king

    skypirate king

    47 minutes ago

    What do you think about the 2018 camry? Are they reliable?

  59. Mike C

    Mike C

    47 minutes ago

    Buy physical Silver dump your fiat paper before its too late

  60. Adam Frugoli

    Adam Frugoli

    49 minutes ago

    The scariest words are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help!”

  61. PABLO oxo

    PABLO oxo

    50 minutes ago

    Me who drives on 3rd gear on the highway in my Corolla

  62. Frugal Brando

    Frugal Brando

    50 minutes ago

    Video one year from now: I Bought My Grandson's BMW and Sold My Celica!

  63. John Michael

    John Michael

    51 minute ago

    I see...the place is China!

  64. Stephen Husak

    Stephen Husak

    52 minutes ago

    Crash is coming.



    55 minutes ago

    Nys won’t pass your inspection with tire light on so no tape Scotty

  66. Mark Capps

    Mark Capps

    55 minutes ago

    You don't have to out run a cop, you have to out drive and out think a cop. Considering most are under 30 years old, it makes it rather easy to do both if your a seasoned citizen!

  67. Dustin Johnson

    Dustin Johnson

    55 minutes ago

    Hey Scotty I hate to tell you but I do believe there is acid in our battery's it don't hurt the wires hahahahaha

  68. phil mckay

    phil mckay

    55 minutes ago

    Truthfully I don’t think microchips are hurting the supply chain. Im thinking the OEMs are in crisis trying to reorganize for EV….most controlled the engine and everything else came from elsewhere….now the engine is going to be worthless when an EV motor seems to be less technical….how to control the supply chain or dump it.

  69. VAL13C


    56 minutes ago

    Hey Scotty, is there a such thing as a Nissan police car. 😂🤪😂

  70. Pinnacle of Faith Church of God in Christ.

    Pinnacle of Faith Church of God in Christ.

    57 minutes ago

    I like stupid people…..Because they keep me employed, making lots of 💰 So take it easy on the STUPID PEOPLE Scotty, we need them. Plus their very useful,….. like crash test dummies, their very entertaining to watch, just make sure your at a safe distance when observing one of them.🤣🤣



    57 minutes ago

    With the chinese tyre pressure stuff, does the warning light on the dashboard go off?

  72. ThejeanGina


    59 minutes ago

    Hi Scotty I bought a used Acura SUV before i discovered your videos. I do love it, very happy with it though if you ask me now id buy a Lexus SUV over the Acura🤗..

  73. Joseph Regallis

    Joseph Regallis

    59 minutes ago

    I live in Florida and we never get down to 32 degrees so I don't have to worry about it!

  74. Alex Starks

    Alex Starks

    59 minutes ago

    This guy is a hater

  75. phil mckay

    phil mckay

    Hour ago

    Sure….but im my area had lumber drop like a rock. Just buy a good car.

  76. Ritalie


    Hour ago

    Hybrids are an intelligence test. You don't buy a car with 500% less reliabiliy, and no actual increase in fuel economy. If you want good gas mileage, you can buy a Tercel that gets 36mpg, which is the same gas mileage as this. All of the 1990's 4 cylinder cars weighed 2,400 pounds, and had 120 horsepower, and got 35 mpg. They also NEVER break down.

  77. Truthchaser


    Hour ago

    You can easily outrun the police if you have enough horsepower.But you will never outrun their radios.

  78. Mark B. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

    Mark B. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

    Hour ago

    After you pushing the AT 205 Reseal, it doesn't exist anymore! I tried to order it online, after no one in town has it. 0 available for shipping. What else works as good for rubber and seals?